Do You Have A Question For Nick Cave? Because He Will Answer!

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This morning, I received this message from Nick Cave, and I smiled:

Dear All,

Not so long ago, I did a series of events on the East coast of America called Conversations with Nick Cave. I did not have the chance to address all the questions that were asked and so I thought I might take the opportunity of answering these questions through a series of mail drops. In the Conversations with events, I talked about the idea of a more direct communication with the audience that sidestepped some of the more conventional ways of getting information across. If you have any questions or comments, observations or inspirations, join my new mailing list ‘The Red Hand Files’. You can ask me anything. Like the Conversations with events, there will be no moderator. This will be between you and me. Let’s see what happens.

Much love, Nick


A Nick Cave show has become a very intimate experience lately, especially if you are standing in the front rows… If you are lucky, he will welcome you on stage, make you sit down and sing while looking right at you… leaving you in complete disbelieve. Hundreds maybe thousands, of fans have been through the same incredible moment.

After the series of ‘Conversations with Nick Cave’, he wants to continue this unique connection he has with his fans, through ongoing conversations, and questions. Which other artist does this? Is there another one who is taking so many risks, and offering so much of his time and persona? Most artists are not so open, there are even some who hate interviews and others who refuse interactions with fans. Rivers Cuomo fled like a thief after his intimate show at the Hi-Hat and did not even sign one thing. Maybe that’s Nick Cave’s nature, maybe that’s what tragedy makes you do.

There will be no moderator, so all the options seem large open, and that’s a unique opportunity to ask him a series of burning questions as if he was volunteering for an endless AMA on Reddit.

I wonder what I could ask him, there are a million questions about inspiration and song creation, and another million about life philosophy… I have time to think about it, you don’t want to sound stupid when asking a question to Nick Cave!  I just wonder how long it will take to receive an answer. Will he get too many questions, and in this case, will he have to choose which ones to answer? Probably, and this is another reason to not ask a trite one.

There’s a lot of generosity and a deep thrust in this proposition, that’s why the Red Hand Files mailing list looks irresistible.




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