Do Some People Actually Believe EDM Is A Mind Control Tool Used By The Government?

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I hate EDM with a passion, to me, it’s stupid music, dumb and totally soulless, but there is another level of EDM stupidity surfacing on the internet, a new conspiracy theory: EDM could be a mind control tool used alongside drugs to condition you into the correct mindset. These ideas have flourished around the internet, on several blogs and on Reddit, one of the worst places for conspiracy theories, solely based on the idea that EDM festivals are just too good to be true and must have been the result of a bigger plan run by freemasons and the illuminati…. The evidence? There are none of course, just a feeling that people get during festivals, and evidence as thin as Steve Aoki saying at Tomorrowland 2015: ‘Do you trust me?’ and followed by the entire crowd… as it is the case each time.

‘INSOMNIAC EVENTS produce a ton of drugs, and distribute them to local promoters to sell at their events, and profit,’ claims someone on Reddit, Is nightlife a CIA plot? wrote another person on Thump Vice, suggesting that EDM big events are part of a highly complex series of governmental machinations designed to turn you into a zombie addicted to drugs and more EDM remixes.

Do these people really believe that the  illuminati is using EDM festivals as a propaganda and brainwashing tool with the help of the CIA? Sure, this has been done before as everyone knows, journalist Gary Webb revealed the connections between the CIA and the explosion of crack cocaine in African American neighborhoods in LA, and there is a long list of stories linking the government with drug-related stories… but this new conspiracy is just as unfounded, as empty as a Tiesto or Zedd DJ set. Nevertheless you will find tons of blogs and internet discussions, mentioning upside down pyramids in clubs and other symbols on EDM album covers, an obvious illuminati signature… A female DJ has even embraced the conspiracy with the moniker MK Ultra (referring to Project MK Ultra, the code name given to a program of experiments on humans, designed and undertaken by the CIA).

You will find plenty of these conspiracies around EDM, the best one may be that Mr. conspiracy theory himself, Alex Jones, could be a secret acid house DJ… but seriously music as cold and soulless as EDM is really in need of a good story to get remotely interesting.


10 Responses to “Do Some People Actually Believe EDM Is A Mind Control Tool Used By The Government?”

  1. Katy Groves

    Dear Alyson,

    I am a survivor of covert mind control programming and have personally witnessed and been forced to partake in the phenomena you describe. I have personally been programmed to distribute drugs at raves and assist in the production of electronic dance music used to mind control people, both in the general public and in the so-called elite. You want proof of this, I am sure, but as all I can give you at this time is my word, I will instead pose a few questions that may at least help to open your mind.

    Do you really think it far-fetched that the people at the top – who have historically stopped at nothing to maintain power and control over the people through massive brainwashing efforts – are not doing everything in their power right now to ensure that the mainstream media remains under their control? Why would they, in all their megalomania and pathological narcissism, let something so influential in the minds of young people today as the electronic music industry simply run its course?

    You claim there is no evidence that this is real, yet provide no evidence that it is not. You use strong, opinionated language like “stupid” and “soulless” to describe EDM, as if the “quality” of the music has anything to do with its ability to be used as a mind control tool. You also use the word “stupidity” in reference to the theory itself. Why write so persuasively if you offer no proof or personal testimony to corroborate the supposed impossibility of this theory?

    You yourself admit that the CIA has a history of distributing drugs to the general population for nefarious purposes. Why, then, is it so hard to exercise the possibility that the CIA has done the same at raves? There is ample evidence that MK ULTRA programming tools are used in many different spheres of the mainstream media. What sets EDM apart from these other media and makes it so hard to believe that it could be just another tool in the mind control machine?

    I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Syd

      I am not a victim personally, but i have enough personal first hand experience at this age of know for sure this is going on..i study and research a wide variety of topics in my life, with my main interests in music..because ive been a musician for over ten years writing and no rockstar(not that i want to be cause obviously i see what the industry is REALLy all about)but i am an genuine, honest musician..wanna hear somethin..go to soundcloud . Com and look up “special vessel”(from Hanford/Eureka)..never was into EDM cuz i looked at it with a biased perception i admitt. I thought it was the beginning of the death of REAL music. But after i have experienced MANY festivals and even underground gatherings (including these full moon gatherings in so cals remote desert areas) ibhave gained much respect and admiration for this music. Dont get me wrong i can see why some would not care for it, because there are alot of “DJ’s/artists” that are phony and talentless.. Some that really dont even create they just twist treble mid and bass knobs and faders during live playback and call it a performance.. But you can tell the real MUSICIANS, from the PHONY dj’s.. And i realized that thos type of music is not only worthy, but almost more complex and difficult.. Because not only are they creating music and performing it, but usually improvising it as well.. Theres an extra element going on, which is the human element. They also have to manifest an extra dimension by reciprocating the energy of the audience. Ive seen it and felt it.(with the real djs anyway). If the youngsters have a mindset like “meh, this is bunk, or lame” then the music will stay lame.. But if you project love and energy to the DJ performing with an encouraging attitude like “yeeah get it!, thas right.. Here we go”type of mindset.. They feel it.. Then manifest it.. And all of a sudden things start to “pop off!” as they say.. Almost like how the element of fire does not really manifest or exist, until a couple of other elements COME TOGETHER under just the right conditions to Manifest a magical creation that IS FIRE. So fire wont exist until you manifest it.. That being said.. They is a HUGE spiritual&mental involvement with these types of concerts. The CIA has always been behind the drug scene.. And the music industry.. My favorite music IS all the trippy experimental stuff from the late 60’s and what not, pink floyd, captain beefheart, frank zappa, etc. But even i had to have a realization that the psychedelic era was one big guinea pig project. Even bob weir from the grateful dead has been discovered as a participant of bohemian grove.. I can go on and on, but id rather YOU go research and genuinely DIG DEEP.. Cuz the truth is out there.. Dont let the wackos on the internet ruin it for you.. Form your own opinions of course.. Just dont solidify them based on your reaction to internet conspiracy theorists. They definitely have things still going on.. Think about it.. It is TOO good to be true as far as the BIG events go.. Theyve had it on the news showing people dying once in a long while at EDC or somewhere else.. But somehow thousands of dollars still keep flowing through these major events.. And the drugs keep flowing. But the cops in your local town surround the little insignificant neighborhood event of beer/wine tasting event downtown…gimme a break. Its just on a way more sophisticated level now thats all.. I feel like they finally got things sewn up and figured out.. Electronic music is ideal, because your using pure electrical tones and pulses..allowed to recreate and direct any frequency possible practically, audible or not.. Especially LOW frequency “dat bass!”(everyone seems to love) i dont know if youve ever seen the “salt & soundwaves”experiments or thr 440hz vs 432hz debate.. But its all logical fact and reality.. Our reality is nothing but vibrations, waves, and energy when you break it all down.. And our bodies our mostly made from water, while our mentality is formed and molded from birth by outside influences.. What do you think is actually happening to us on a molecular status when we take these powerful substances and bask in geometric patterns and laser lights and other visuals, in front of these huge speakers that generate these mind/are bending sounds.. Really.. Seriously think about it…. Live in love friend.. Hope you find the truth before it finds you

    • Eviki

      Trance house Edm vocalist. The whole scene is satanic ran by the elite for mind control and many more agendas ran by the neg AA the industry is satanic rigged fixed sold and paid for all ran by satanic corporations narcists pervs hoes fake tyrant arche types ego freaks whom all serve The elite satan the cia mind control and the shiny sale outs who promote the death culture goals of the elite and nAA entities for mind control and the destruction of human dna expression

  2. workaholic

    Every style tends to draw a different crowd. Simple music for simple minds. Everyone was dumb dorky introverted and perverted. There is dumb music in other styles of music. Bland country. Horrible punk. I work a lot if concerts and edm is by far the weirdest . Tons of cops, people getting arrested pulled behind the walls. It’s a trap. The stuff doesn’t even get put on the radio and no one listens online. It was drug house music in the first place. Something constant to ruin the wire. Loud enough to drown out the cops. Quiet enough to not get a noise complaint or fine .

  3. Olo

    Ta Syd and Katey. there is much more than meets the eye going on in the EDM scene indeed.

    Much love 🙂

  4. Eviki

    If you stand up. Against the cabal and members they black ball your name the edm scene has a deep state just like the global govenments. All ran by satan and neg ego arche types who serve the elite

    • Eviki

      The Power Elites refuse to reveal to the earth population the existence of extra-terrestrials, extra-dimensional entities, human off planet colonies and conglomerates hiding advanced technological abuses. They are involved in committing serious genocidal crimes against the earth inhabitants, blocking access to informed consent of earth activities with intentional malice, deceiving every inhabitant on earth, thus protecting and harboring the Galactic Human Slave Trade. This allows these nonhuman and human criminal syndicates to continue to abduct multiple thousands to millions of human adults and children for genetic engineering, secret military projects, sex slavery, food, play-pets, free labor, and an assortment of NAA agendas designed to further enslave and torture humanity.

      If more people had access to this information without being threatened, attacked or persecuted it would allow many more people to come out and tell the truth. By hiding this information and continuing to promote lies and deception, it allows people that are working to support Ascension or disclosure related topics to continue to be harassed, targeted, intimidated and even brutalized. This is another reason why the disclosure event on earth is so important. This would remove a huge burden of threats and attacks to those of us that support disclosure to be given to the population of this planet. If people had disclosure information they would be much more willing to be open to comprehending the laws of nature and also to be able to see how the current death culture was socially engineered to violate those laws, in order to enslave the people. Much of what we see harming people in the world today could be stopped with only common sense and the ability to reduce some human selfishness and greed.

      This is why a full extraterrestrial disclosure event to the earth inhabitants is critically important. As long as this agenda remains hidden, it generates deeper and deeper parasitic infection into the earth that harms all inhabitants.

  5. joey

    I have had these very experiences…been to few big raves and festivals as well as small ones. I have seen a recurring theme and have had similar experiences at all of them. From telepathic communication and mock human sacrifices. It seemed i was singled out because I radiated love and positive energy. They did not take kindly to that and would constantly try to harasses me. From not allowing me to sleep in my tent at night by walking by and uttering obscene things and sometimes threats. I would have mental battles with people the whole time I was there. Usually starts out calm the first night or 2…but eventually would always turn into the same thing..negatice mental abuse as well as trying to entice me to make bad choices. I had many telepthic experiences. I know it sounds crazy but all I can give you is my word. If youre interested I can go into much more detail. Much love and blessings to all. 7


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