Did Kurt Cobain Call Mark Lanegan Before He Died, Or Not?

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Did Kurt Cobain Call Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan


Mark Lanegan has a big interview in Rolling Stone magazine because he is writing his memoir and will be releasing a new album ‘Straight Songs of Sorrow,’ in May. The interview details his friendship with Kurt Cobain in great length (the title of the article even mentions why Cobain’s death still haunts him) and he is also saying something important regarding Courtney Love and Kurt’s last days:

‘She was directly involved in saving my life. I had to write about that. I will always carry great guilt about my actions on the day Kurt decided to do what he did because I willfully ignored him. I had done that because around that time I had become accustomed to trying to avoid being around Courtney. I assumed that she would be there. Also, I was just a fucking shithead who was self-centered and didn’t respond to his friends — even though he would have picked up the phone anytime I called.’

Basically, he is saying that he did not pick up the phone while Kurt was trying to call him before he died and really regrets it, but the problem is that he said something different to Rolling Stone in 1994 when talking about the last week of the Nirvana frontman: ‘Kurt hadn’t called me. He hadn’t called some other people. He hadn’t called his family. He hadn’t called anybody.’

This is pretty much two different declarations, in total contradiction with each other. Did Kurt Cobain call Mark Lanegan or not? In both cases, he is referring to the week Cobain died, ‘Mark Lanegan, a member of Screaming Trees and a close friend of Cobain’s, says he didn’t hear from Cobain that last week’ says the ’94 interview, whereas Lanegan declares in this recent one: ‘I will always carry great guilt about my actions on the day Kurt decided to do what he did because I willfully ignored him.

In 94, Lanegan even declared he had been ‘looking for [Kurt] for about a week before he was found. . .  I had a feeling that something real bad had happened.’ This was echoed in what detective Tom Grant wrote in his case manual while adding an important point: ‘Lanegan rode with Carlson and I while we were looking for Kurt. Mark Lanegan didn’t think Kurt was suicidal either!’ After Cobain’s death, Lanegan also told a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, ‘I never knew Kurt to be suicidal. I just knew that he was going through a really tough time.’ (1994 book ‘Cobain’ by the editors of Rolling Stone, Page 90).

Mark Lanegan remembers the past but he apparently has had a lot of change of mind between 1994 and today, he clearly tells the story of a man who committed suicide in this new interview, whereas he gave a different narration the year Kurt Cobain died.  Where is the truth? Why isn’t anybody keeping trace of these contradictions?

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