Did Coachella Post Another Hint About The Rolling Stones Headlining Coachella

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It seems we aren’t done with the Rolling Stones reunion! In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Mick Jagger revealed the old rockers would like to play more shows in 2013. This is what he had to say two days after their last show in Newark:

‘There have been quite a few offers, I'm going to see what's on the table and discuss it with everyone. We'll announce it when we've figured it out.’


Let’s see, a few offers, but which ones? Meanwhile the LA Weekly noticed that this picture was posted on Coachella Facebook page on January 3rd, which could let us believe that the Rolling Stones are actually headlining the festival! After all this is a rolling rock, stone,… Remember there was already an alert a few weeks ago when the band’s iPhone app had listed an Indio date in April in the tour section! The date quickly disappeared and Jagger said he hadn’t been approached about playing at the festival, but this picture is such a tease! But who knows, I am not that sure it is a stone… As a matter of fact, a rep for Coachella promoters Goldenvoice said a little bit later it was a polo ball! So what kind of hint is this?? Anyway, the real rumor is that we will know the full line-up in a week or so!


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