Did Beyonce Get A New Nose For The Super Bowl?

Written by | February 12, 2013 0:04 am | No Comments


Everyone has seen these weird photographs of Beyonce during her Super Bowl performance, the ones where she looks all scary and hulky, but obviously it was just a weird second frozen in a picture,… yes but when I was watching her performance, it crossed my mind she looked a little different, didn’t you notice how her face was more aggressive, tougher, and her nose thinner?… I had this feeling and I totally forgot about it.


But now many media are suggesting that she got a nose job just before the Super Bowl! Looking at old pictures from her Destiny Child time, I would say she did, it can’t be just a make-up trick?? Some are even saying that she already had a nose job at the beginning of her Beyonce career, and that the Super Bowl look was her second one.


Oh no, is that Michael Jackson all over again? And why does it matter if she had one, two or three nose jobs? Because Beyonce didn’t need a nose job in the first place, she has always been an attractive woman and of course this participates into the making of a more Caucasian look of her. Blame it on our racist and conformist society, but it’s a sad ascertainment a mixed race woman, who has reached the alpha female status, feels the need to do that.


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