Dexy's Midnight Runners, 27 Years Later

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Dexy's Midnight Runners weren't that great that long ago.  They were semi adorable with 'Come On Eileen', but made no real impact on the world of music in the US.  They were there, everyone joked turning the lyric to 'cum on Eileen' and the video alienated them all the more.

They were simply too Euro for us.  The weak remake of "Jackie Wilson Said", never really solidified them as stars. 

Lead singer Kevin Rowland went solo and never through in the towel.  Cashing in as a one hit wonder and securing his European following- who to this day still follow.

But is the world ready for more Dexy?  I can say with much confidence the US is not.  The populace does not have the ear for this sound and unfortunately there are far too many other options, the second coming of DMR will not even score them a hit song. 

But those crazy cats went and recorded anyway.  Perhaps England will embrace them and they can get allot of Festival gigs- no need for passports.

Below is a video 'teaser' of 2 minutes worth of 2 minutes too long.  I'm sorry to those who bank rolled this one.

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