Devo On Tour 2014, One Man Down

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So let me ask you something… if one of your bandmates suddenly died.  Would you just pack up and tour months later?  Is this the quintessential ‘the show must go on’?  I am a bit taken aback by the announcement of tour by the ‘devolutonists’ Devo.  Wait.. why?

I do understand that its a job that needs to be done but there is an eerie sort of disrespect in it taking place so soon.  Will they install a hologram?  I mean they do have that science nerd schtick. Drummer Alan Myers died last June and guitarist Bob Casales died suddenly and even his brother Gerry is loading up the van and headed out with the band.   Weird scene man.

Bob2 as he was called passed away on February 17th, there is a ‘go fund me’ account for his family to help with the financial loss they are faced with… so tell me how much of this tour profit is going to this fund? ” A portion”.  Sad scene man.

Official hype:

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Devo perform the legendary, experimental music the band created between 1974-1977 in Akron Ohio! 
The tour is dedicated to the memory of Robert Casale, (A.K.A. Bob 2), one of the 5 original Devo band members who is now touring the universe.  
VIP ticket admission will let guests meet the band and exclusively view / purchase rare, limited edition photo prints by noted photographers shot during the band’s pre-label days. 
A portion of all proceeds from the tour will go to Bob Casale’s family. This early Devo material was recently presented to the public with the “Hardcore DEVO” re-issues on vinyl & CD last year.


June 18– Baltimore, MD – Ramshead
June 19– NYC – Best Buy Theatre


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