Denny’s Hardcore: A Kid Organizes A Hardcore Show At the Family Restaurant And Is Saved By Green Day

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Dennys' hardcore

Dennys’ hardcore


Imagine being a young hardcore band and playing at your local Denny’s? You know, that place where people over 60 go to have a nice and quiet dinner at 5 pm? Denny’s hardcore, is that a thing? What a crazy idea although the band Wacko may have made a name for themselves because of this incident.

The Santa Ana restaurant was reportedly booked for a birthday party on Saturday 14th, but no details were provided to the management of the restaurant. As soon as Wacko started playing, it was complete mayhem, as you would expect from a hardcore band. The set was filmed and you can see people ferociously moshing, crowd surfing while the band members are standing on the tables. It’s a familiar scene but usually not seen at Denny’s… the place got very crowded and of course, there was some damage, as lamps and tables were broken.

‘Denny’s is a family-friendly restaurant and while we do have banquet space available at some restaurants, we do not allow events that can disrupt the dining experience of our guests’ declared the chain. ‘The manager was unaware a concert was planned, and the event organizers have been asked to pay for damages.’

On their Instagram page, Wacko has since asked anyone who ‘broke shit on purpose’ to pay up the kid (Bryson Del Valle) who organized the show, as this poor kid now owes $1,800 to the restaurant. They even set up a gofundme page to pay for the damages, and the modest goal of $600 was reached way beyond its goal, which will probably encourage him to book more insane shows like this one.

But the story didn’t stop there… it apparently landed on Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong’s ear and he found this Del Valle kid so badass that the band just donated $2,000 to pay for the damages according to Exclaim. The band even left a note saying, “Hey Bryson call us! We wanna play the Bastards Club. Love, Green Day.”

Talk about some publicity for this 17-year-old entrepreneur and for the band Wacko! It’s a happy ending for a story with absolutely no morality or lesson, but you have to admire its punk spirit.

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