Deadmau5 Punched In Face At Nightclub

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Deadmau5 got punched in a face by a fellow DJ on the last night on his tour and while I abhor violence (against me, it doesn't bother me as much if it's against you), D5 is getting to be a real fucking drag.
Two years ago he was kinda cool, no really, but now he does the same 10,000  samples over and over again and frankly I am sick of it. I really am not even vaguely a fan of the all samples all the time shit. It seems to be a dead end of sorts: it is like you're getting your music from the salvation army and even the people I like most, say The prettiest Lights, I don't like that much.
Meanwhile, after whining on twitter about a DJ in a club in Creamfields Brisbane playing lame beats, Joel D5 Zimmerman, went up and told the DJ exactly what he thought and the DJ punched the Dead Mouse in the face.
None too please, Joel retreated, sent some more nasty tweets and scarpered.
And the moral of this story is he should hire Mary Magpie as a guard.

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