Dawes At The Beacon Theatre, Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, Reviewed

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I know the readers of this space are musically sophisticated, and many of you probably think that California-style rock is a dead genre, old hat, not hip enough. Well, sorry to disagree, but Dawes’s show at the Beacon the night of February 5 proved you wrong. This is a great band, playing a thrilling show to a packed house that adored every minute of it.

Whatever you love in music (except a dance beat), Dawes checks all the boxes. Terrific, literate songwriting? Check. Technical excellence? Check. Great harmony singing? Double check.

I wasn’t crazy about Passwords, their most recently album, but it has grown on me with repeated listening. A few of the best songs from it were featured and came across better live. All their albums were well- represented, particularly All Your Favorite Bands.

Taylor Goldsmith is an energetic frontman, bouncing around the stage and sharing Allman-brothers like lead guitar work with Trevor Menear ( replacing Duane Betts on this tour). And he doesn’t talk too much. One song was dedicated to his new wife Mandy Moore (Ryan Adams’s ex- what’s the over/under on how long this one lasts?).

Dawes’s secret weapon is Taylor’s brothers Griffin, who plays the drums and provides most of the beautifully song harmonies. The mesh of the voices is thrilling, able to stand with the best of CSN and the Eagles.

And for us old folk, an added bonus was that they hit the stage at 8:10! And we’re done before 11! After they break they played straight through, with no bullshit encore. Very considerate. It was nice to see a wide age range represented in the audience, 20’s to 60’s- and we were all loving it. A perfect match of band, audience and venue.

1. Living in the Future
2.Time Spent in Los Angeles
3. Most People
4.We’re All Gonna Die
5. Never Gonna Say Goodbye
6. Right On Time
7. Fire Away
8.That Western Skyllne
9. Thins Happen
10. Feed the Fire
11. A Little Bit of Everything (outstanding)
12. Between the Zero and the One (new song, solo acoustic)
13. Time Flies Either Way
14. How Far We’ve Come
15. Somewhere Along the Way
16. From A Window Seat
17. Stay Down
18. When the Tequila Runs Out
19. From the Right Angle
20. Crack the Case
21. Roll With the Punches
22. When My Time Comes
23. All Your Favorite Bands


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