David Bowie’s Personal Art Collection Previewed In LA And NYC Before Auction

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Frank Auerbach, Head of Gerda Boehm (1965) From Bowie’s private collection


David Bowie was a lot of things, he created a lot of persona but he also was an art collector, and an extensive one. His entire collection will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in November in London, but before that, the public will have a chance to see it for the first time in Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong

Bowie, who studied art and design at technical college and once confessed to be an obsessive art buyer, was fascinated by art and design. He even met with artists such as Jeff Koons, Hirst and Tracey Emin, conducting interviews for the journal Modern Painters. He played Andy Warhol in a Basquiat biopic, and his collection includes a lot of 20th-century British art, such as paintings by Hirst, and works by Frank Auerbach, Stanley Spencer, Patrick Caulfield, Peter Lanyon, Harold Gilman, Leon Kossoff, David Bomberg, and Graham Sutherland, but also drawings, prints, photographs and sculpture, including contemporary African pieces and Outsider art such as work done by the “Gugging Group”, patients at the Gugging psychiatric clinic in Vienna. The extensive collection also includes more than 100 pieces of furniture !

In Los Angeles, you will be able to have a look at a fantastic exhibition in Sotheby’s gallery on the 29th floor of a gleaming tower in Century City.’ It’s a really private collection, very intimate and personal. It’s quiet and meditative. We’ve picked artists that are quite new to an American audience,” said Simon Hucker, the auction house’s senior specialist…. This very English art is actually very far away from Bowie’s flamboyant image and the 3-day auction is estimated to bring more than £10m, but one single piece, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Air Power, is already estimated at £3.5m

‘We were really careful to pick a selection that represents the texture of the collection,’ added Hucker. ‘It’s unusual and unpredictable, as you’d guess with Bowie. It goes into strands, themes, an idea; he collects not just the main players, he collects around the main players. It proves he’s really, really intelligent.’

It’s really cool LA people will have this opportunity, the Guardian reports about it saying that paradoxically, David Bowie hated LA starting by ‘The last time David Bowie visited Los Angeles he was in a state of “psychic terror” and his artistic sensibility involved a humanoid alien, an exorcism, a musical masterpiece and cocaine – lots of cocaine. It was 1975…’ sure Bowie briefly lived in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s, living in a dark house on Doheny, eating only peppers and drinking milk, doing a lot of cocaine and descending into a sort of occult paranoia. At least this is what people and the myth have always said but Bowie recorded ‘Station to Station’ in LA, and he made a few movies, so it’s not all bad! Plus, according to biographer David Buckley (Strange Fascination: David Bowie: The Definitive Story) Bowie and his wife, Iman, went to L.A. in 1992, as the couple was house hunting! So it must not have been so bad.

Here are the highlights Preview World Tour:

LOS ANGELES | 20–21 September
2029 Century Park East
Suite 2950
Los Angeles, CA 90067

NEW YORK | 26–29 September
1334 York Avenue
New York 10021 US

HONG KONG | 12–15 October
5/F One Pacific Place
88 Queensway, Hong Kong


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