Culture Club? Live Rock Stars I Have Never Seen And Wanna See In Concert

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The other day I wrote about dead rock stars I've never seen live, here are living ones… 1. Boy George – Not DJing, fronting Culture Club, a great soul band.

2. Altered Images – Staying in the 80s.

3. Cursive – I have to catch em next time they're in town

4. Whitney Houston – I was gagging for her to play when the album came out.

5. For Science – One of my fave bands of all time. They are all still kicking (actually, they are ALL IN THEIR 20S), why don't they get back together?

6. Wham – Before they go go (yeah, a little 80s centric here, right)

7. No Doubt – I had a tix to see them at Roseland and blew it off for Nusrat Ali Khan… smart move but I never made it up.

8. Gossip – I am obsessed with this disco band -Beth's new EP is epic.

9. Chic – I mean Niles Rodgers since Bernard Edwards died 15 years ago. Here is the plan, Niles, get better, get Bootsy Collins and bass and come back as Chic.

10.Dafni – I adored her album but have yet to see her live. Come to nyc, Dafni!!


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