Crashdiet, "California", Video Reviewed

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So.. What happens if you take My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides and Fall Out Boy, and throw them in a Vita Mix? Well it would be a bloody horrible mess.

Hello Crashdiet, this "sleazerock" band from Sweden has a great retro look.  But rock and roll isn’t always just ‘the look’

The song sounds so generic that without the look it wouldn’t even register on your ears as sound.  A simple basic rock beat with cliché’ lyrics and not much pizazz.    When the video opened I wanted to love it.  I mean c’mon it looks like 1983!  But unfortunately it sounds like 1997.  Pop rock with visual confusion. 

From the album The Savage Playground, ‘California’ is a sad attempt at glam metal- I think. That’s the problem there is no genre represented here. I love the YouTube comments though, calling the guitarist fat “there is no room for fat in glam”.  Proof that what is important here is not the sound- but the image.  If we can take a moment to furrow our brow at the guitarist spitting water into the lead singers mouth in the shower scene. We can truly be baffled together.  This 1980’s funfest is fun- without sound.  At 2:57 there is a side shot nude (blurred for no junk) that shows a rather Buddaesque belly on lead singer Simon Cruz.  Aint no room for that in glam rock…

BUT the image is awesome and if you mute the song or maybe replace it with oh I dunno Killing Joke or GBH things are great.  But the chorus of this tune without its horrid obvious accent could be done by Michael Jackson.

Vocally though there are moments when Simon sounds like an 80s hair band hero ala Poison but most of the time- hot burning mess.

So what have we learned?  Some bands are better seen than heard.  That Crashdiet needs to do some crunches or they’ll be spilling out of that leather pant like oozing toothpaste in no time.. and “California” may not be their breakthrough song after all.


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