“Covering Elliott” A New Project For Elliott Smith’s Musician Fans

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When Elliott passed away on 21st Oct 2003, I imagine he had no idea of how important his work would be to his loyal fan base. “More like medicine than music” is a statement that is often applied to Elliott’s work . I’m blessed to know many fans around the world and have a bond with them through our mutual respect for the works of Elliott Smith, making us almost a global family. Fans are often musicians themselves and over the years we have heard many excellent Elliott covers, yet these seem to get lost in the Facebook pages and obscure Youtube accounts that they originated from.

We feel that many of these covers would be of the standard to be released on record into the world, this is where the “Covering Elliott” Project comes into play ! This project is accepting covers from fans until the end of June 2016 . The tracks will be judged by Ellie Lowther from the Virtual Wall and Alyson Camus from NYC live rock & recorded . 20 songs will be chosen to be released on Elliott’s Birthday August 6th 2016 . An album called “Covering Elliott” (by the fans for the fans) will be available for purchase, with any net profits  being split between Outside In and the Punk Rock Marthas! This is giving those who may never believe they could get their name on an album the opportunity to do so whilst also keeping the spirit of Elliott’s music alive. Think outside of the box, we don’t only want regular faithful covers of Elliott’s songs. We are also looking for the musicians to bring something of themselves to the table. This is a project run by the Virtual Elliott Smith Wall on Facebook & rock nyc

Get in touch with this project for any questions, or email entries with a declaration of ownership of the work to coveringelliott@gmail.com


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