Courtney Love's First Marriage: Not A Pretty Picture

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I had no idea Courtney Love was married before meeting Kurt Cobain! The 'happy' guy was James Moreland and his marriage with Love lasted only a few months in 1989. Moreland is the lead singer of the 80s band Leaving Trains, but he is also a writer and he works for different publications including the LA Weekly! It’s very funny because I had read many of reviews by Falling James (his pseudonym), like for example the one he wrote about Fiona Apple’s show at the Palladium last August, and I had no idea of course! What a small world this music world is!


In 1989, Courtney Love was heavily involved with drugs and alcohol, and she stated in divorce records that their marriage was a joke. Joke or not, Courtney Love got pregnant and refused to stop taking drugs nevertheless, and ended up to have an abortion, which is pretty horrible already.


But Moreland has since gone on record to describe his ex-wife's bad temper, the word is weak, and has declared the following:


‘She definitely has an evil side. She once tried to burn my bed when I was sleeping. A fire started and I woke up in shock. It’s impossible to figure out Courtney’s motives. Her disdain was powerful, and she came off as a spoiled little snot… Courtney is a violent person who, even in the midst of our anonymous, crummy, poverty-stricken little marriage, threatened to have me beaten up for two hundred dollars when I didn’t do what she wanted. I was so scared of her I caved in immediately.’


Wow, if this didn’t nourish the theory that she killed Kurt Cobain, I don’t know what did.


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