Courtney Love’s Erratic Behavior Still Makes The News… Should We Have Compassion?

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Courtney Love's erratic behavior

Courtney Love


Do you remember what Kim Gordon wrote about Courtney Love in her book ‘Girl in a Band’? Here is the excerpt:

‘No one ever questions the disorder behind her tarantula LA glamour — sociopathy, narcissism — because it’s good rock and roll, good entertainment! I have a low tolerance for manipulative, egomaniacal behavior, and usually, have to remind myself that the person might be mentally ill.’

Mentally ill, that’s the keyword here, and if anyone knows about it, it is Kim! Plus if you add drugs to mental illness, this is obviously not going to look too good.

The website Radar On-Line caught Courtney Love having lunch at a restaurant in New York and filmed her erratic behavior: they posted photos and a video of her looking at her phone with a haggard sight and texting frenetically. She then realizes her dog had pooped on the ground, so she grabs the poop using napkins and puts the whole thing on a plate on the table. Soon, she asks for a paper bag poop but continues doing whatever she was doing on her phone, with that same in-a-haze look. She is visibly high on something and the whole scene made Radar On Line ask the rhetorical question ‘Is Courtney Love Ok?’

Lucid people don’t put dog poop on a table, but you may ask, why should we continue to harass Courtney Love? It’s not a kind thing to do, shouldn’t we show compassion toward a person with a drug problem? Furthermore, almost all rock stars have had a drug problem at some point of their lives, and if iPhones and paparazzi had existed in the ‘60s and ‘70s, you would probably find footages of any rock icon doing strange things while on drugs. May be, but Courtney Love is not any rock stars, just go back to Kim Gordon’s description: ‘sociopathy’, ‘narcissism’, ‘manipulative’, ‘egomaniacal behavior’,… sure Courtney Love may be mentally ill, but she is not someone who has ever inspired me any compassion, probably because of all the terms above.

Let’s not forget she is someone who punched Kathleen Hanna in the face at Lollapalooza in 1995, probably because she was still jealous. She recently reignited the feud during Bikini Kill’s reunion, calling the band the ‘Biggest hoax in the history of rock and roll’, and she even elaborated on IG: ‘Hanna is a good hype man. But her persona is such a diy nonsense dilettante. A big idea they cannot convey, because they suck…’

Let’s not forget that Courtney Love threatened Mary Lou Lord, who was dating Kurt Cobain just before he met Love. Love almost killed Lord during an explosive meeting after a Hole show (Mary Lou Lord is telling the story in one of her podcasts), and Courtney Love sent death threats to Mary Lou Lord and her parents for a long time.

She is the jealous type, the psycho jealous type.

Let’s not forget her own daughter Frances Bean Cobain filed a restraining order against her when she was just 17, let’s not forget Love accused nice man Dave Grohl to hit on her daughter (she even tweeted she wanted him dead!). Let’s not forget all her lawsuits and especially the last one in date in which Frances Cobain’s ex husband Isaiah Silva is suing her for kidnapping and murder plot. Do you see a trend?

I could go on forever, and I didn’t even touch the Kurt Cobain’ subject, there are more drama, intrigues, murder plots and conspiracies in Courtney Love’s life than in the entire bible.

But she is eating alone at a restaurant in front of her dog’s poop on a plate… sad? Probably! Should we have some pity because the tabloids and paparazzi are still harassing her? No way!


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