Courtney Barnett At Jimmy Kimmel Live, Thursday August 2nd 2018

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Courtney Barnett


You can’t really consider 4 songs as a concert, they actually call it a mini concert, but it went so fast that I have barely had time to realize I was watching Courtney Barnett playing a few songs of her new album at Jimmy Kimmel Live. They were recording another episode of the late talk show, and, why not,  it was another occasion to check the Australian singer-songwriter, who has released a second album this year.

I truly liked her 2015 album ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’, and who didn’t fall in love with the meditative summer torpor of ‘Avant-Gardener’, as song from her 2014 EP … However, she kind of lost me during her collaboration with Kurt Vile, the duo headlined a night at Desert Daze last year, and I didn’t see any of the impetuous energy she had shown during a show at the Roxy, a year before…. No sudden landing on the drumset this time, and to be honest they were cue together, but borderline boring.

I haven’t explored her second album much, but is there something like  ‘Pedestrian At Best’? I am not sure, and if the few ones she did represent the crème of her new album, the songs sounded much more straightforward than anything that had made ‘Elevator Operator’, ‘An Illustration of Loneliness’ , or even ‘Nobody Really Cares I don’t Go to the Party’ so interesting… I know it always take a while for a song to grow,

After watching a woman crashing watermelon between her thighs, an impromptu visit of Mark Hamill and Dave Grohl promoting his Cal Jam 2018, Courtney Barnett appeared on the outdoor stage with her band. Whether you like her music or not, she is an engaging performer, smiling all the time, having the right moves with her guitar and showing the confidence of someone who has been on stage for decades, I am just not sure I will fall in love with a line like ‘Can we talk about it once we’ve slept?/When can we, yeah, can we work it out?’ (in ‘Charity’) when she has used us to some wittier lines. Of course she did ‘Pedestrian at Best, to end the set, the song with the famous lines: ‘Put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you/Tell me I’m exceptional, I promise to exploit you/Give me all your money, and I’ll make some origami, honey’…the pedestal, may be that’s the problem, she had warned us.



Need a Little Time

Nameless, Faceless

Pedestrian at Best

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