"Communication Blues" , Cheap Girls Reviewed

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I I love the name of this band.

I love the name of the band in contrast to their appearance.  There is an instant sense of humour that I will find endearing,

Their single "Communication Blues" is sure making a buzz.  Its good old fashioned bar rock and roll.  It reminds me of The Violent Femmes mashed up with Bare Naked Ladies (and I bet they get that all the time).  The song is simple and clean with some odd and I believe intentional sound levels. 

Almost like it was recorded in their garage.  Not Dave Grohls garage, oh no no, I mean that retro sounding rock.  I cant say I was blown away.  I cant say I was impressed.  I can say I have no idea what the buzz about as I cant seem to locate anything about Cheap Girls that makes them stand out in a crowd of cover bands down at your local.

Thats not to say they are awful, they certainly aren't.  But they ain't the best thing since sliced bread and I think they got an in in the industry, maybe like Lana Del Rey or something.

They're on Rise Records notorious for their hardcore and from the Youtube comments the natives are in a tizzy.  Sorta makes me dig them just for being hated.  Their album is due out on February 21.


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