Coachella 2020 Completely Canceled, A Possible Smaller-Scale 2021 Edition

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Coachella 2020 Completely Canceled

Coachella 2020 Completely Canceled


After been postponed from April to October, Coachella 2020 has been completely canceled, something that everyone was expecting since everything, every single concert and festival has been canceled in 2020. But still, this is a big blow to the economy of the Indio region.

ANd there is even more, as, according to Billboard, Coachella’s 2021 edition will still suffer from the coronavirus crisis: AEG is reportedly considering adjusting the 125,000 person capacity event into a smaller-scale edition for April 2021. There is also the possibility to have a larger festival in October 2021, since we will hopefully be completely out of this COVID-19 crisis by then. That said, Billboard is also reporting that 40% of ticket buyers have requested refunds for this year’s festival, and this would mean that the 60% who didn’t ask for a refund would be granted an entry… I know a lot of people who are gonna be disappointed. On the other side, a less crowded Coachella is probably very appealing for many.

Of course, all this depends on the evolution of the pandemic, or the possibility of a vaccine in 2021? But since plenty of people are against vaccination thanks to ever the anti-vaxxer movement, we can’t even guaranty anything

Meanwhile, AEG has also laid off 15% of the entire company, furloughing 100 employees, and implementing pay cuts ranging from 20-50%. Times are very tough for the concert industry.


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