Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Lose the Plot Again

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AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 10:  Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches performs during the 2014 Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park on October 10, 2014 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images)

I might feel more sympathetic towards Lauren Mayberry if I could stomach her much loved band, the asininely named Chvrches, but two albums into their career, and I have found them astoundingly shrug worthy. Neither of their big hits, “The Mother We Share” or “Recovery” , stuck with me. I didn’t dislike them . I don’t dislike them. I just don’t care one way or the other. Their current album Every Open Eye, was the definition of a sophomore effort.

1 – Over rated by the critics.

2 – The same as the first only worse.

3 – More or less, a complete stiff.

Though, I admit, I am being difficult to a degree, this is the band with the most unbearable lead singer on earth. Lauren’s  ridiculous overreaction to trolls made me laugh out loud. Rock nyc’s Helen Bach gets them all the time, very nasty stuff, and she laughs in their faces or deletes them or fucks with em for the hell of it. I myself consider death threats the cost of doing business. Lauren had a meltdown.

So now, here is the story off Stereogum via Gigwise:

“We were arguing, again. Like most times it happened, I wasn’t quite sure why he was so upset. I had tried to placate him; I had tried to reason; I had tried to apologize, but nothing seemed to be having any impact other than making the situation worse. Then he backed me against a wall and slammed his hand repeatedly on the surface above my head. When I broke down in shock, he said, “Oh, don’t act like I hit you.” That moment was the final wake-up call I shouldn’t have needed.

“Things like this had happened before but to a lesser extent. He would pull me by my arms and wrists when he was frustrated and thought I wasn’t listening (and then say he was sorry). He would slam doors on me (and then apologize). He once grabbed at the steering wheel of my car when I was driving so we could pull over to “talk,” then shouted and beat his fists repeatedly on the dashboard when I didn’t stop the vehicle.

“At the time, it felt like things changed slowly, like I woke up one day in a relationship and a reality that I did not recognize, but I’m sure the signs were there the whole time. When we met, he seemed charming. He was smart, passionate, creative, and caring. But after the first few months, he became increasingly paranoid, insecure, jealous, and depressed. Everything became my fault. I was careless. I was stupid. I was selfish. I was not trustworthy. I was a weak person who would fail at anything she tried so I shouldn’t bother. He hated me, but then he loved me and I was the best person in the world — until I wasn’t anymore.”

Mayberry previously revealed that their new album dealt with former partners, when she said: “‘Leave a Trace’ is the middle finger mic-drop. It’s about that point where you’re like, “There’s no point having this conversation anyways: There will be no resolve, I won’t feel better about it, you won’t feel better about it, no outcome from this will actually change my reality.”

“It makes me feel better to write about that—I’ve done something constructive with it. You don’t put that on other people, you put that into what you do. That’s always the way I’ve written lyrics. My ex-partners are not friends with me, but I’m OK with that.”

Here is an assumption, he was dating a sweet young girl who became a popstar and he couldn’t handle it and lost the plot so she left him. Look, if that is abusive, I’ve had girls leave me simply because I went down in the pecking order, because I lost a job, because they dated upward, because they were sick of me. I once went to a girlfriends surprise birthday party only to find her coming in with a new boyfriend. People suck, get over it.

People abuse each other, smart people, popstar Lauren, leave the relationship without outing the guy for being what he obviously wasn’t. People are different, I’ve known timid girls and what is nothing to me, shouting for instance, is abusive to them. We live in a strange world, a PC nightmare where if self-expression is threatening, it is wrong. Look, if you don’t like a guy, bottle him. If he hits you, have him arrested and if you are in an abusive relationship, for fucks sake don’t listen to this idiot.



2 Responses to “Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Lose the Plot Again”

  1. FuckNo

    Wow, you’re a real shit head. Maybe try thinking this out more rather than dismissing someone’s story.

  2. Phil Beattie

    Draconian, childish, spiteful, and tone deaf are a few of the things the writer has over Lauren. This piece has random insults throughout and is akin to prepubescent rantin in the grubby queue at Stirling High. This piece is badly written, unjustified and recommends bottling errant partners.

    How did this site stoop this low? You may not agree with or like Lauren (or the name of her band?!) but she is allowed to get peed off about misogyny and, as a singer in the public arena, is allowed to be bold and forceful. Shouting from the sidelines “I don’t like you!! Your music sucks!” is fine, that is the way of the world and of it’s opinions, but attacking a girl for not liking being scared? Sure?

    You’re pulling her hair in the playground because you thInk being scared of a bloke and his (oh, some more opinions again. We’ve all got them.) perceived abusive behaviour is a demonstrably bad thing?

    Lauren has not misplaced any plot. She is bang on message in her own inimitable way. She has earned a soapbox. She has not threatened or abused anyone. Unless one considers her music, abuse.

    As a band I see them working hard, using up shoe leather, writing, practicing, traveling and gigging. She has earned a right to voice her opinion and everyone else has earned the right to agree or to disagree with her. And then move on. Considering what she was moaning aboout is it not a touch ironic that she is being attacked for saying it? Circular, i am aware.

    I am not her bestest fan ever but she has some good tunes and has some good points.

    But that’s just my opinion.


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