Chris Brown Is Having A Massive Yard Sale At His Own House

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Chris Brown’s house

Chris Brown has already made a name for himself because of his music and his disastrous and violent behavior with women, but on Wednesday, the rapper did add another very peculiar thing to his resume. The police came to his place, not because he was beating his girlfriend, but because he was having a giant backyard sale.

According to many Los Angeles news media, Brown posted his own home address on Twitter and other social media (19602 Citrus Ridge Drive in Tarzana) to promote his 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. yard sale, adding it will feature ‘significantly marked down high-end designer items’, while these items were advertised as ‘either new or have been worn by Chris Brown in music video shoots, red carpet events and etc’.

As a result, fans began to line up as early as 4 a.m., and soon the place became a circus, which brought the attention of the police. According to TMZ, LAPD officers tried to shut down the sale for lack of a proper permit, but Brown and his attorney fought back and the sale went on as it was planned.

People bought items because they were fans, but many bought merchandise to make some profit and looking at the lines which stretched for nearly half a mile, you can understand why the neighbors were not really happy.

Despite the very big crowd, there was something for everyone (and the sale is even continuing on Thursday) which says a lot about the number of items for sale, as several tents were set up outside his home to house the merchandise. He could have opened a full Nordstrom store with all that stuff!

This is probably the least controversial Brown has ever done, but this is such a strange thing to do. Unless he wants to move, posting his home address all over the internet is certainly something pop stars would never do, but he had no problem with that… Then hoarding hundreds of sneakers, limited-edition shoes and expensive designer jackets and selling them in your own house, almost looks like a desperate thing to do, unless the rapper needs cash very fast?

One thing is sure, this is the least questionable publicity campaign Chris Brown has ever get.


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