Child Abuse, Child Molestation, Lemon Incest and Serge and his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg

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Sometimes a post follows you around until you write it

Yesterday I went to see The Lovely Bones -Peter Jackson’s film adaption of Alice Sebolt’s novel about a fourteen year old girl who is raped, tortured and murdered by her next door neighborhold told from the POV of the girl in a middle dimension between heaven and hell.

Today, readying myself for the Charlotte Gainsbourg concert at Hiro Ballroom next Friday I finally reached Lemon Incest, the album she recorded with her father, the legendary French singer Serge Gainsbourg.

And just an hour ago biking at the gym I came upon a newsreport explaining what at the time seemed like the baffling suicide of a newly married man. Apparently the Rabbi who had molested the man when he was a child had just been arrested for the same crime.

I know something about what it feels like to be physically abused. My first school, Ramilies Hall, caned the boys as punishment. From the ages of six to eleven they beat me black and blue. When I finally got out to a Quaker (ergo no physical punishment) school in Lebanon it was the happiest day of my life. I loathed England and my choice of the States over the UK was due in substantial part on the hatred (I still can’t bear the place) of the UK in my earliest years.

Otherwise, I wear the scars like a badge of honor. That’s one thing.

Being molested by an elderly man (or woman) as a child, certainly as a prebuscent, must be TERRIFYING. It must boggle your mind and cause indents in your brain that NEVER FULLY HEAL. When adults deal with children, even with teenagers, they must be very aware what the effect of their actions are. Even those we might consider innocous may have untold of consequences.

When Charlotte Gainsbourg was twelve years old she sang and recorded a song with her father Serge Gainsbourg  called “Lemon Incest” (in French it’s a pun on sour lemons). At the time I dismissed the song as “Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus” with a kid singing and only got interested with Charlotte years later due to her performance in a superb movie The Cement Garden.

But I finally got round to buying the song along with another “Oh Daddy Oh” and it is really stong stuff. I realize Serge pushed the envelope and hard -changing the lyric to the French national anthem so t is erotic for instance, but some actions hurt those we love most for the sake of… art? “Lemon Incest” isn’t very good… Anyway here’s the English translation of the lyric
Lemon Incest

Lemon Incest
I love you love you I love you more than anything
Nave as a canvas of Nierdoi Sseaurou
Your kisses are so sweet
Lemon Incest
Lemon Incest
I love you love you I love you more than anything
Lamour No we never set frons
Is the finest rare most disturbing
The purest most exhilarating
Exquisite outline
The video, with the father in jeans and the daughter in a man’s shirt and panties (remember, she was twelve at the time) would be disturbing if Charlotte wasn’t his daughter. Here is the url:

Serge bristled at the suggestion of a true incestuous relationship between the two and Charlotte has denied it as well. I don’t doubt them. But when asked about “Lemon Incest” in a recent interview Charlotte claimed it didn’t bother her because she had no idea what it meant. I don’t believe a word. A twelve year old in France raised in, to put it mildly, libertarian atmosphere of her parents, doesn’t know what sex is? Either she has blocked it or she’s lying about it and either way suggest there is a shadow.

The good news is if there is a shadow she seems to deal with it in her art and not her life. Which is the best place for it. Still, when it comes to children always a little care. None of which Serge Gainsbourg appears to have shown. It is one thing to tell Whitney Houston you want to fuck her, quite another to tell it to your daughter. 

7 Responses to “Child Abuse, Child Molestation, Lemon Incest and Serge and his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg”

  1. Andrea kankgord

    Liberals are pervs and mentally ill a combination that cries what the fuck do you expect

  2. A.Henatsch

    Serge Gainsbourg likes to provoke. It´s business. He knows there are some poor fuckers who
    think it is cool to break taboos. If I was his daughter I would have kicked his teeth in at the suggestion
    to do a dirty video with him.

    All the best………

  3. Minnie Hallman

    Serge’s song was about his sexual attraction to his daughter. It was about fucking Charlotte. Gainsbourg was a filtjy satan worshiping degenerate.


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