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Go Betty Go


Go Betty Go, the all-female punk band, have released a new video for their song ‘By Your Side’, the first song from their EP ‘Reboot’. The video is a fun murder story, four girls running for their life in a recluse mountain chalet but having a very Tarantino revenge on their male threat, as any riot grrrl should.

Aixa Vilar of Go Betty Go explained to New Noise: ‘By Your Side’ is a song that tells a story and it’s one of my favorites to play live. I’m excited that we have a video and we get to see it come to life!’ And Nicolette Vilar added: ‘Although, I wrote, directed and acted in this video. It felt more like an art project that came together through the efforts and hard work of everyone. A couple of us nearly twisted our ankles, and there were quite a few bruises, but we all ultimately had a great time and we’re excited to put this out into the world.’

‘By Your Side’ is blasting with a punk attitude, plenty of poppy hooks and an unapologetic determination coming fully alive thanks to Nicolette Vilar’s vocals. The whole song bring to mind the wild fury of a car pursuit driven by Betty Cisneros’ roaring guitar, the urgency of Michelle Rangel’s bass and Aixa Vilar’s tumultuous drumming, while the lyrics ‘I won’t be by your side/I can’t be by your side’, reaffirm an authentic girl-power independence. The music has a glorious quality but the song is aggressive enough to bring up the melody to an exciting level.

‘Reboot’ was released 3 years ago but it was the band’s first release after a decade-long absence, as the original lineup of the band actually fell apart in 2005 but was reformed in 2012 with a new inspiration and a regain of electricity in the air. The four women have known each other since high school, that they attended in Glendale California, and the chemistry is intact.

The band is so excited to be back together that they are actually working on new music and an upcoming album should be released sometimes in 2019. Furthermore, they are reclaiming their rightful prominence as some of the brightest, boldest women in punk rock by playing live and they have a few shows scheduled during these two coming months:

Dec 7 in Las Vegas, NV at Evel Pie

Dec 8 in Tempe, AZ at Yucca Tap Room

Jan 4, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA at The Regent

Jan 11, 2019 in Long Beach, CA at Alex’s Bar

You can check “Reboot” here-


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