Caroline Polachek Reimagines One Of Her Songs For Christmas

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Caroline Polachek

Caroline Polachek


This is the season, Christmas songs are here, and if you can’t stand them, or are tired of them, you may want to listen to new ones. Caroline Polachek has the answer for your Christmas-bore. The ex Chairlift singer has simply reimagined one of her songs from her debut solo album, ‘Pang,’ released in 2019, and since it’s wintertime, the ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’ tune has become ‘So Cold You’re Hurting My Feelings.’

She shared the reworked song on social media, with a homemade music video showing her in a very Christmasy setting, popping up in white and blue in front of a black screen with fake snowflakes. The all-glitter electro-pop song seems even more layered up with drama-synth, magic from the ‘80s, Santa’s own ho-ho-hos, and Polachek’s wide-eyed emotional vocals

Whereas the original song seems to be addressed to a lover, in a possible long-distance or unrequited relationship (although it’s not clear), Polachek sings this one for Santa Claus himself: ‘You know I live for the tinsel / But damn I miss you tonight,’ she sings. ‘I’m a good girl, Santa! I am a good girl Santa.’ The lyrics of the original have been quite relevant during the quarantine – Not like I’m counting the days/But it’s been twenty-five’ – and this is a good example to keep the song relevant while putting a sexy and festive spin on an old song.

‘So Cold You’re Hurting My Feelings’ is available to purchase as part of Pop Caroler’s Songbook, a holiday album curated by PC Music, with all proceeds raised from it going to The Trussell Trust, an organization that supports over 1,200 food bank centers across the UK.

Watch the video below:


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