Brooklyn Vegan Center Of Alt World For Hurricane Sandy

Written by | November 8, 2012 0:04 am | No Comments

Now it's all over (unless you live in Staten Island or Gerritsen beach or…), let's take a moment to salute for the superb job they performed in keeping New Yorkers informed on what was and wasn't open during the saga of Huricane Sandy. Exhaustive lists on a daily basis of every club in New York and the status of live performances was a gift to us who care about these things.
Just as importantly, they had some of the finest pictures (if that's the right word) of the City, especially a great one of Jone's Beach under water I was thisclose to stealing.
In the end, what BV did over the week was cement its place as the center of the alt world. It became not just the only place to be for listings but the only place to be to take the pulse of how the music world was handling the Hurricane.
I read BV everyday, it is an essential reference point for me. More inportant than Pitchfork by a long shot and their current expansion into Chicago and Austin is a guide to how to run a money making website. I am sure they can envisioun a work with A BV , CV or Av in every State. There is always a need for such professionalism.


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