Breaking A Rock Album

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Even the best of bands can make big time mistakes. Black Eyed Peas thought a "Dirty Dancing" sample would get em a hit single and it didn't "The Time (The Dirty Bits)" bombed and instead of releasing another single they released the album The Beginning and the album stiffed as well.
I hated the single, loved the album, and predicted a big hit. And I am gonna be proven right eventually because the follow up single is still bouncing about the charts BUT if BEP had held off the album woulda broken much later. I might add I can count three more hits myself.
As opposed to, say J. Lo, who dropped three excellent tracks before "Love" dropped.
And as compared to TV On The Radio or Bright Eyes or any other major rocker you care to mention.
TV On The Radio streamed then released an early single, "Will Do" which went nowhere. They followed that by giving away the superior "Caffeinated Consciousness" and then not a world till they streamed the album on Pandora.This is drumming up excitement for a release?  And what was with the hour long video -a straight drag and a complete irrelevance.
The thing is when you release song after song, fans will invest the a buck 29 on em -it's a cup of coffee;  those who have enjoyed a particular single will invest in the next single. By the time the album comes out you already own half in it so it is six bucks… very tempting.
Rock doesn't seem to do this. Streaming on NPR will only take you so far.


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