Bobby Brown Plays The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

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It’s becoming more and more difficult to remember a time that singer Bobby Brown wasn’t a hot mess.

Back in his day he was a top notch performer.  Fame kills and well Bobby sure has hit the skids.  The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon is dubbed a ‘dive bar’ and the 43 year old was actually there at 1 am singing at the top of his lungs as it was karaoke night. 


One of the most comedic yet pathetic posts I’ve done in a long time.  Apparently he was at the Maui doing karaoke left and was taken in to custody for driving under the influence. 

Although Brown is undergoing treatment for his alcohol addiction it appears the singer has had a rather loud and public slip.   "Mr. Brown takes his agreement very seriously and admitted himself three weeks after concluding his honeymoon in Mexico during a break from the New Edition tour. Bobby is doing well and receiving services that comply with his agreement with the State of California," his attorney Christopher Brown said in a statement previously.

After being processed at the police station, Bobby was released on bond.


It is difficult to watch the fall from grace and since the death of his ex wife Whitney Houston, Brown has been under a microscope like never before.  Many blame him for introducing Houston to the life of drugs and alcohol which must only fuel his own addictions. 

Knock it off Bobby, and Karaoke?  Really, just no.


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