Bob Mould at Joe’s Pub -Waiting for Lily Allen

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About Joe’s Pub -the food is OK, the sightlines are great and if you wanna see a band up close hope and pray they visit this village haunt.

Last nights Bob Mould gig was sold out. Mould is the former frontman for Husker Du and Sugar and the set was sure brilliance -I had a table (alone again, naturally) at the foot of the stage and nicked the set list. I’d just bought Nabakov’s “Verses And Versions” and planned to read it before the set but the place is so dimly lit all i could do was play Tetris on my cell. On the plus side “Conor Oberst” (my fave album of ’08) was on a loop..

Back to Bobby: From the 80s to last Tuesday he roared through his past reaching a height with the recent “I’m Sorry baby, but You can’t Stand In my light anymore” -one of those great heartbreak songs (“Hear Me calling” is another); all jingle jangle guitar and this bloke on bass.

People of good faith may differ BUT I think Mould writes classic pop-rock…

My next concert is Lily Allen at Roseland. How do I hate Roseland, let me count the ways. Last time i was there was to see the Pogues -see???? You must be bloody kidding. All I saw were the back of heads (Terminal 5 might well be worse, a cold, sterile warehouse). Roseland is great when its half empty (many years ago I saw Jeff Bucley open for Juliana Hatfield and the place was empty and it was awesome) but when its sold out??

So for me to go to roseland again this lifetime is a testament to my love of lily and having said that “It’s not Me, It’s you” could be a whole lot better. First a coupla covers: her version of “Straight To hell’ is a wonder and points to a future she hasn’t reached yet and “Womanizer” is totally irrelevant and “INMIY” cuts just like that -“Him,” “Chinese,” “Fuck You,” “Everyone’s At It,” “-stick em in the fire and burn em… and the rest? Some of it is pretty damn terrific. “The Fear” shoulda been a smasherino (which leads to the inevitable question: what’s the point of pop music that aint popular?), “Back To the Start,” is sibling love perfection, “Who’d Have Known…”

But nothing sticks to the ribs like “Everything’s Just Wonderful” or “Alfie”.

Having said ALL THAT -I can’t wait for a week on Monday!!!

ps I’m trying to get tix for Phish at Fenway (i have a friend at fenway!!!)

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