Bjork At Carnegie Hall, Saturday March 7th, 2015 Setlist

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Photo: Kevin Mazur

Photo: Kevin Mazur

I’m not going till Saturday March 28th at 12pm (City Center), so this setlist of Bjork’s first of eight concerts in the New York area (she lives in Brooklyn so I am guessing that’s why we get the honor), is an ultimately cribsheet though when you are playing eight out of nine songs off your new album, a cribsheet might not be entirely necessarily.

Working her way through her ninth and one of her best albums, the recently released  Vulnicara, what I know about the show is what I read in the tabs: the Post, NYT and USA Today all raved, though, reading between the lines a little, Bjork and her 15 member orchestra may have been a little snoozy at times. “Black Lake”, in the middle of the first set, appears  to be the keeper, it certainly was on the album.

I have  made a Spotify list of the older material in the second set though, as I am sure you are aware, Bjork didn’t allow Vulnerica to be streamed so it isn’t hear.  You should consider buying it. The oldies choices seem a little random, it is Bjork so a line like “you and I have become corpses” could come from any song and be directed to any one.  Though it is a serious please to hear “Come To Me”. None are what you might consider fan favorites.

If you didn’t get a tix to see one of these gigs hie thee to stubhub right now… meanwhile this is what you are missing…
(Live debut)
(Live debut)
History of Touches
(Live debut)
Black Lake
(Live debut)
(Live debut)
(Live debut)
Pleasure Is All Mine
Come to Me
I See Who You Are
(Live debut)
Mouth Mantra
(Live debut)
Harm of Will


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