Billy Idol, The Autobiography

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What Does This Guy Remember?

















Do you follow Billy Idol on Twitter, yet?  It’s pretty funny, he comes across so uncool its hilarious.  Like your granddad tweeting or something.  He just does it wrong.  But, he’s Billy Idol and despite the ravages of time the fat middle aged house wives still shuffle in to casino’s to see his fist pump and sneer. 

I last saw him in some movie- he looked like Jagger in a platinum wig, I felt embarrassed for him and haven’t done more than the Twitter follow since.  Can’t do it, and technically I wish I could burn the image from my memory.  Long gone is the leather boy with the hips of a porn star. 

Anyway, he’s writing an autobiography.  I’m unsure how he can remember anything at all but with the help of some friends it seems he has put together the life and times and well- it could be very good.  Considering that the chances of extreme exaggeration is very high, this is gonna be a hum dinger.  Think Im being cruel?  Nah, check out the quote: 

“I’m three-quarters of the way through it; we’re actually editing at the moment,” Idol tells Billboard while promoting his current North American tour. “It’s sort of my recollections, which is almost a massive joke ’cause I don’t remember anything! The bits I do remember…I’ve tried to give an overview of my career or my love of music or whatever, my personal way through life, maybe some thoughts about what I’ve done right or wrong in my life. In general it’s a bit of a walk through my career, just said in my own words, really.”

“All I tried to do was write about things as I saw them, and I didn’t try to think about was it sensational, was it this or was it that,” he added. “I tried to honestly write about how I felt about things as they happened.” 

How’d he feel?  Numbed I suppose but hell I want to hear more about the Gen X days than the solo days-so maybe that’ll work out for me.  He is on tour now. Get bad seats (perhaps obstructed view?) and yell ‘more more more’, and just don’t look.

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