Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker Premiered A New Song ‘Simulation Swarm’

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Adrianne Lenker Premiered A New Song

Adrianne Lenker premiered a new song


Big Thief have released two albums (‘U.F.O.F’. and ‘Two Hands’) in 2019, while Adrianne Lenker released the quiet ‘Songs And Instrumentals,’ last year. Other members have been busy with solo projects too, drummer James Krivchenia released an album called ‘New Found Relaxation’ last summer, and guitarist Buck Meek just released his second solo album, ‘Two Saviors.’

Today, Adrianne Lenker premiered a new song on the official Big Thief Instagram and Facebook accounts, a hypnotic new one called ‘Simulation Swarm,’ that she played acoustically with her always amazing guitar picking. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine what a song will finally be when completely fleshed out with a full band – especially since Adrianne said that she is still working on this one – but the song has already received 26,000 views on Instagram and plenty of praises.

A Big Thief song penned by Adrianne is a mysterious journey into an unexplored country, there’s a slight throbbing feel throughout the song, but nothing sounds predictable, and her performance is tense and intense. The song seems story-driven although her poetry stays quite mysterious with enigmatic but pretty imagery: ‘Empty horses gallop through the violet door/ For the red crooked courses’… ’From the 31st floor of the simulation swarm/With the drone fluorescence flicker fever fill the form’… There is a dance between light and night, ‘you are the river of light’… ‘the belly of the empty night,’ while a certain frustration runs through the wild, dream-like imagery: ‘I remember building an energy shield in your room/Like a temple swallowed in the windless field.’ Nobody writes like her, she gives the impression to reveal the most intimate things but they are fogged by the thick screen of her imaginative writing. I also love the way this woman releases remarkable music with such a humble demeanor and no artifice whatsoever. Watch the video below till the end for her spectacular fingerpicking.


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