Biding My Time: Thursday, March 18th, 2021

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See Emily Play: After a prolific 2019, I was around a quarter way through a new story, “Everlasting Love,” about a man who murders his best friend and her daughter, when Covid-19 struck and something that happens to me very rarely occurred: writer’s block. It took a year for me to return to fiction and I am about a third of the way through a new story “See Emily Play”. It takes place twenty years in the future and is at the intersection of front line workers, #BLM, the pandemic, and matriarchies. And a great pair of legs. And extreme grief.

Wandavision: I really wanted to write about the MCU Disney+ series “Wandavision” which, after a bumpy first episode, came into its own. I refrained because so much has been written about it there didn’t seem much to add. However, as much as I loved it there is an insurmountable problem in the Marvel Universe: death there isn’t death here, people come back from the dead all the time, and so, in the end, nothing much is at stake. Vision? Dead again? That’s three times and counting.

MCU: from when I was ten til when I was seventeen, I was a Marvels comic fanatic (think of the way we are about music as a question of degree),  and when I watch movies like “The Avengers” their attempt to unify reality in the Marvel Universe is both huge and indifferent. It can never capture my imagination the way Spiderman did, Peter Parker was to comic books what Buddy Holly was to rock and roll. The difference between Spidey and the Scarlett witch is that Spiderman was a teen phenom, and Marvel Disney World isn’t, it is the difference between the Sex Pistols and Genesis. In Disney=y Marvel the kids are dropped off at the curb.

Biden: The best thing we can say about Biden is that America is, relatively, ignoring him. After four years of Trump we are reveling in not having a heart attack with every news alert. Biden is a perfect match for a world where no one trusts anyone and the South trusts it less.

Death: James Levine,  the Met Opera maestro nailed by #himto as a flagrant molester of men who owe their careers from him. Two years after he was tossed and he is dead and the moral is: take away a man’s reason for living and he will have no reason to live.

What I’m listening to right this second: Eric Clapton’s deluxe 461 Ocean Boulevard

Concerts: I’ve got Madness coming up on May 26th at Hammerstein if.. always that if, right? It is why I haven’t bough any new tickets




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