Beyonce Is Selling These ‘Boycott Beyonce’ Shirts At Her Formation World Tour

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I am starting to believe that Beyoncé and Jay Z love controversy, or rather they love using controversy to boost their career: when there is a controversy they use it to the core and when there is none, they build one…

Their whole career rides squabble and argument as if it’s their new hit, and I am convinced there would not be as much talk as there is now about Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ without this did-or-didn’t-he-cheat-on-her discussion. Cheating rumors are tabloid sellers and I bet they made up the album story for commercial purpose, Is Jay Z is cheating on Bey? What else could better attract the attention?

Beyonce kicked off her Formation World Tour on Wednesday in Miami and there is already another pseudo controversy in the form of this black t-shirt reading ‘Boycott Beyonce’ ($45 at the merchandize table) and an iPhone case bearing the same colors and phrase ($25).

Back in February, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police urged to boycott her concert when she released her controversial ‘Formation’ music video and performed at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show: Beyonce was the big social shaker, a police enemy, her dancers had joined the Black Panthers and she was calling for a riot…

A riot to her bank account rather! Because that’s all she cares about, but a boycott? Let’s be real, it will never happen it was pure fantasy. As a matter of fact a Miami Police Department spokesman told the Miami Herald that more than enough men had signed up to staff the event. Of course police officers are too happy to serve the queen and a boycott will never happen

So controversy about Beyonce being an anti police troublemaker makes me laugh, this was never the case. However, the idea was in the air and she had to use it of course, it was too good to resist, and thus these shirts exist. They are gonna sell like hotcakes because this is what controversy does, it sells. And the Queen B has completely understood it.


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