Beyonce And Jay Z About To Release An Album Recorded Together?

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the power couple


Despite all these rumors and secrecy surrounding their private life,.. is he cheating on her? Are they breaking up? Rumors I never believe for a minute I have to say, the power couple is more powerful than ever. I am talking about Beyonce and Jay Z of course, who, according to Page Six, are about to drop another album they recorded together?

‘Sources confirmed exclusively to Page Six that Jay and Bey’s surprise album is complete, and it will drop on his streaming service Tidal very soon.’

I like how it is always, ’a source’, ‘sources’ as if this were some important state secret. Can’t these people reveal their names or what are they afraid of exactly? In any case, the news is surprising because Beyonce just released her very successful album ‘Lemonade’ just a month ago, an album which made everyone talk and talk… about Jay Z’s alleged infidelity.

If they really release a new album together soon – and this one could not have been recorded a few days ago because Beyonce is in the middle of her Formation World tour – I will certainly believe these two had planned everything ahead as a clever marketing tactic. Let’s listen to the source again:

‘One source told us, ‘Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after ‘Lemonade.’ It’s more their style to respond through music.’

They are the most watched couple of the moment, they are more scrutinized than royalties. The cheating rumor around ‘Lemonade’ was tabloid-style bait, there were countless discussions about that good hair girl, which kept the album in the news for some time. Now what could be a better way to entertain these discussions if you let people think that these same rumors will be addressed in this next album? Jay Z and Beyonce’s albums are like the Kardashians’ reality shows in a way, and they will never lose if they continue to make people believe they are really exposing their private lives through their music. But are they so insecure about their art that they need all this cheap artifice around it?


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