Best Selling Albums Of 2001

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1) HYBRID THEORY – Linkin Park – Warner Bros. 4.81

2)  HOTSHOT – Shaggy – MCA 4.52

3)  CELEBRITY – 'N Sync – Jive/Zomba 4.42

4)  A DAY WITHOUT RAIN – Enya – Reprise/Warner Bros. 4.41

5)  BREAK THE CYCLE – Staind – Flip/Elektra/EEG 4.24

6)  SONGS IN A MINOR – Alicia Keys – J 4.10

7)  SURVIVOR – Destiny's Child – Columbia/CRG 3.72

8 )  WEATHERED – Creed – Wind-up 3.58

9)  O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? – soundtrack – Mercury (Nashville) 3.46

10)  NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC! 6 – various artists – Sony/Zomba/Universal/EMI 3.13

11)  J.LO – Jennifer Lopez – Epic 3.04

12)  EVERYDAY – Dave Matthews Band – RCA 2.94


Debates rage at rock nyc over the death of Bin Laden. Me? I am not a peace loving man. Having survived a civil war before I had lived a quarter of a century, any peace and love rust from the 60s was long gone by 79. I learnt my lesson. Without a powerful armed forces you are a crack whore at an all night deli.

So, when it comes to my politics, I mish mash a hardline on  foreign policy, by which I mean defense (by which I mean attack) and social practises (by which I mean, the less laws, the less criminals).

So, yeah, I was as happy to see Bin Laden dead as I am about anything. Though when Helen voiced her hatred for The USA hooligans last refugeing in patritism, I didn't much mind about that either.

What I did mind is this godawful list of the best albums of 2001.You have to get to NSYNC before things really get cookin' and let me tell you folks, I bet 2011 is gonna kicks its butt all over the USA! USA!


Dave Matthews and at the head spot?

Linkin Park -the worst band on earth.

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