Best Of 2019: All Concerts In Chronological Order Through January 31st, 2019

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(My quietest month in over a decade, between lack of money, lack of good concerts, and cold dark days and nights, I went nowhere practically… After years of going to many, may concerts, I am making a, er, concerted effort to cut back … of course, I’ve said that for the last five years It doesn’t really kick in till March – IL)

King Princess At Irving Plaza, Thursday, January 24th – These sad songs aren’t suicidal sad, they are heartbreak sad, and yes, still cathartic and the fast ones are sexy and fun and lively and altogether it gives these young women the freedom to be who they are, to scream “marry me” to shout “I’m so gay” at the top of their voices and to look on the stage and not see themselves, like I said Mikaela is a real star, but who they could be. It was wonderful for them.

New Power Generation At Sony Hall, Friday, January 4th – The band have moments that absolutely prove they were a great backing band (there are entire albums as well), but they are a backing band. If they had worked very hard on a streamlined funky set they might have pulled it off. Unlike the Revolution they have the skills. They just don’t have the willpower and so they follow the bottom line and, like the Revolution before them, NPG do the one thing Prince spent his entire career not allowing to happen: they exploit him

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