Best Albums Of 2014 # 15: Perfume Genius' "Too Bright"

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Best Album Of 2014 # 15

Best Album Of 2014 # 15

In her review (here) Alyson Camus wrote “The album is filled with brief songs transcribing an impressive range of raw emotions with gorgeous piano melodies, melancholic strings, experimental synths, electronic violence, piercing screams, noisy beats and Hadreas’ fierce and touching vocals. Even though the album is relatively short, there’s a lot to cover, and I could not keep up with it at first, but I just knew that these lumps in my throat at the first listening were real and a rare experience which transformed me at each listening.”

A beautiful lo-fi but high intensity masterpiece which made Perfume Genius an instantaneous cult figure, a strange uber-homosexual man battling demons but what sort? The outsider who takes over? “Deep down I never felt right, even now, sometimes that feeling’s a lie.” An angry sentiment for an angry album, a rage against the sexual stereotyping and moted desire hinted at in his previous works is a quiet storm here, a deep, foreboding darkness that only on the stupendous “Queen” even hints at catharsis.

The battle here isn’t internal, it is against forces outside Mike Hadreas, perhaps the social bulling for those out of step, or perceived out of steppedness with the world, the otherness of sound and vision reckoning sideways into the Low-Fi of Bowie and Eno except in 2014 it sounds commercial (a Portishead co-produced and it ain’t the guy from beak).

Bleak and beautiful, tough and disturbing, Too Bright shades the corners of desire



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