“Bernie Speaks With The Community” Reviewed

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As we head to the General Elections, let’s dial back Trump and concentrate on the essence of politics: how much are you gonna be taxed and what is the money gonna be spent for? After all, you wanna go head on with Trump all you have is a buzzing along famously economy and a foreign policy that has the first concessions from China since Nixon’s visit, and Iran on its knees. But that doesn’t answer the question I started with. What  do you want done with your taxes, which USA do you want to live with? Is it really necessary to have the biggest dicks? Would it kill the country to have less money but a decent society? The US still isn’t China, where the Muslim minority are put into camps and re-educated. It isn’t (as much as POTUS might want it to be), Russia, where Putin rules by fiat and is maneuvering to be named President for life.

I, personally, would vote for a pothole as President before the loathsome dictator in waiting Trump. I would absolutely vote for any Democrat before Trump, hell I’d even vote for Lindsey Graham before Trump. As for Bernie. I preferred him to Clinton last general election and is my first choice this time, despite him lying to Elizabeth Warren,and beside him being way too old for the most difficult job in the world. Because, I’d rather pay for Universal Healthcare than for giveaways to Trump and his cronies, none of whom pay a penny in personal income tax. But, if Bernie was to win the election, and then another term, he would be 87 by the time he left office. If Bernie was 48 instead of 78, it would be so obvious.A big if..

But there is no denying his connection with young, middle class white folks and if you want further proof listen to Bernie Speaks… With The Community. A compilation of indie pop bands featuring never before released songs and demos and curated by Night Ranger, a Philadelphia strum and sing band, who said: “This is a compilation in support of the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. All proceeds will be donated to the campaign. With all the horror in the world, a vote for Bernie is a vote for sanity- for goodness. A better world is possible, though the existing structures of power try to convince you it isn’t.”

The result is this first-rate album that seconds as an introduction to modern day indie pop -apparently in great shape. Highlights include a demo take on Strange Ranger’s the Band goes indie “Most Perfect Gold Of The Century,” the ready for his close up for the past two years Shamir, whose 2019 release was gorgeous and didn’t do much and whose “Burn With Me” is a lowkey and lovely piano based bedroom pop track, and MZM, another band you think you don’t know but is actually Marisa Dabice of  (also from Philly) Mannequin Pussy quietly strong “And Now (Demo),” Lexie is also known as  Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline with a very strummable acoustic guitar and better on her verses, and Wild Pink offer up a cover of Shane McGowan’s “Lone Highway” which you could complain about (cmon guys, do “Donegal Express” and wake up the proceedings), but is pretty good.

Once you are past the stars there are a lot of names out there you have probably never heard (and which I certainly have never heard of), and while indie pop or rock ain’t my thing Spin Out’s bad mannered, post-punk “”Facebook Dot Com” is so good, the voices are playful and coy and right on the money. The rest of it is seriously good songs in genre, strum melodies with some post-punk in the delivery, a touch listless but from the opening track, Justus Profit and Jay Som’s “Open Up To You,” through Ian Sweet’s fine “Hiding (Demo),” all the way to a six song string to close it out starting with the beyond fabulous smut’s “Fan Age (Demo)”  all the way to Hollow Comet’s “You” it is self-containing and self-effacing, letting the songs speak for themselves.

This might not have anything to do with Bernie as such, mostly it is all mid-twenties bummer songs, but the consistency of song craft needs no apology from Bernie or me.

Grade: B+


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