Beck Launched Hyperspace: A.I. Exploration In Collaboration With NASA JPL

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Beck Launched Hyperspace

Beck Launched Hyperspace: A.I. Exploration


The new website Hyperspace: A.I. Exploration launched by Beck, in collaboration with NASA JPL, is an interstellar journey through a series of hybrid data and music videos featuring real NASA data transformed through artificial intelligence by Osk, and scored to Beck’s Hyperspace.

Each song from the album is paired with an iconic NASA mission, re-lived and made hyper-real through revolutionary AI techniques and reshaped by the data, creating never seen before visuals. It’s an extraordinary journey through space and a real star-and-planet gazing experience

‘Chemical’ has sumptuous images of Saturn, as its rings and shapes are reimagined like a psychedelic experience, ‘Dark Places’ explore black holes while the video is remarkably colorful, ‘Stratosphere’ takes off into the milky way, ‘See Through’ flies over the giant Jupiter, ‘Terrell Hines’ tries to reach mysterious exoplanets, ‘Everlasting Nothing’ travels to nebulae, ‘Saw Lightning’ explores the surface of the red planet, Mars, ‘I Am The Cosmos’ is back to the great unknown, traveling through the deep cosmos, ‘Star’ leaves our galaxies to go beyond other stars and galaxies, ‘Uneventful Days’ gets back to our neighborhood with the cratered surface of the Moon, and ‘Die Waiting’ gazes at the Sun in all its yellow-orange-red splendor.

‘I think each song is kind of a different way that different people ‘Hyperspace.’ We escape from the reality that we’re all dealing with.’ declared Beck

I am sure everyone will have his or her favorite video, according to the mood of the day. As for Beck’s music, I found ‘Hyperspace’ rather dull at the time of its release, with a few interesting things here and there, but nothing enough to keep me hooked. I mean, Beck is beginning to sound like anybody else out there and this is a sad thing when you are old enough to remember the good old days of ‘Odelay’ and ‘Mellow Gold’. But the blankness of ‘Hyperspace’ may perfectly fit the vastness and emptiness of our cold universe.


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