Be Here Now: New Albums 7-5-9 – 7-11-19 Reviewed

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METAWAR – 3TEETH – The name on the tip of your teeth is Marilyn Manson, only with a stronger, raging industrial strength vibe metal and no glam – B-

Outstrider – Abbath – Abbath is Abbath Doom Occulta, former member of black metal band Immortal, and now on his own on this excellent sophomore album – B

Meet The Drummers – 03 Greedo, Travis Barker – The warehousing of black men has hurt rappers like Gucci Mane, who spent his prime years in prison, and 03 Greedo who is doing 20 years for drugs and arms. Recorded before his imprisonment last year, blink 182’s Barker bangs out hard beats and Greedo raps over em -works for me – B

Demos 2004-2008 – Bombay Bicycle Club – The UK indie rock poppers are at their best on this collection of early demos where less is more – B

Revenge Of The Dreamers III – Dreamville, J. Cole – I am always late on J. Cole, I wasn’t sure about this latest record label compilation, maybe because they leave the J.I.D. and T.I. track “Ladies, Ladies, Ladies” till late, but it is a grower and improves with one featured appearance after another. Mid album “Swirve” is first rate, and JID steals every track he is on. PS: “Middle Child” included – B+

Vulture Culture – Fangclub – Proggy rock bores – C-

00950025 – Foo Fighters – the three song, live from the Reading Festival in 1995, 00950025 , is one of their better efforts “Wattershed” (off their eponymous debut) is a strong little rocker, an inspired “Spin The Black Circle” rip – B

Del Barrio Hasta Aquí – Fuerza Regida – Mexicana music, with the tuba as lead instrument – B

Back In The Saddle (Live 1979) – George Jones – might just be only new to streaming but it is new to me as well, the song choices a little obvious (and the applause sound fake),  perfunctory and fake and great at the same time, the hits just keep on hitting though Yes Show Jones, complaining of a cold in a Houston concert, sounds somewhat medicated at times. Still,  coming off the great HBO And Friends special the the same year, it is nearly perfect… – B+

United Artists Rarities – George Jones – If United Artist, or anyone else, wanted to do the world a favor, they would get together with other labels and slap Jones’ recordings in some form of order. Till then, the United Artist years (1962-1966) were great and United Artists Rarities adds some alternate takes and some songs not yet heard – ALBUM OF THE WEEK –  A-

ERYS – Jaden – Tons of guests, better the straighter Jaden plays it, and definitely a move forward… as though he has figured he could become a popstar and not just a scion of entertainment power weirdo. Try the Tyler, The Creator, featured “NOIZE” – B

STONECHILD – Jesca Hoop – Brooding boredom redux – MUST TO AVOID – D+

Hotel Diablo – Machine Gun Kelly – You can tell MGK is white, him and Eminem are the only rappers to attack their mommies – B-

Blue Sky In Your Head – Lighthouse Family – Bad soul anthems from the recently united duo – C-

I Think I Hear Your Voice – Mick Lewis & the Fine Print – Pretty good power pop debut album – B

Movin’ On Up – Primal Scream – PS circa Screamadelica -I don’t know why… B+

The Soft Cavalry – The Soft Cavalry – I haven’t paid close attention to indie pop in the 10s, it was too much an 00s phenom, so Slowdive didn’t get much more than a shrug from me. Then I heard Rachel Goswell on American Football’s “I Can’t Feel You” -a song off one of the very best albums of the year, and decided to give this collaboration with her husband a closer listen. An overlong drag with moments – C+

ANTI-SOBER – Türküm – Absolutely the EDM album of the week, a wild, industrial beats plus house and a Middle Eastern flavor – B+

Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series, Season 3 – Various Artists – I’m around episode three, so the “Material Girl” springs from the shopping at the mall scene and “She’s Got You” the Sheriff getting dissed by Winona Ryder… makes it a little better than the whatever 84 hits playlist it is – B-

Flygod Is An Awesome God – Westside Gunn – the Raekwon cold opener is killer, and the rest is dark and freshly spilled blood on the concrete… – C+

Swing Symphony – Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis, St. Louis Symphony – “the 15-piece Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis joining forces with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Robertson in performances of Swing Symphony in front of the sold-out crowds at Powell Hall in St. Louis on May 4-6, 2018,” so now you know – B


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