Be Here Now: New Albums 5-1-20 – 5-7-20 Reviewed

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1894 – Amber Mark – three song, mood EP featuring a glorious “Heart Shaped Box” – B

Lamentations – American Aquarium – beautiful alt country meets Americana bummers with a side of jam middles – B

HiRUDiN – Austra – operatic soprano over electronic pop tunes in a dream state fugue – B-

The Mother Stone – Caleb Landry Jones – acid flashback meets Americana classic rock weirdosity – C+

Making a Door Less Open – Car Seat Headrest – couple of years ago I was a VIP Plus at Governors Ball where I went on stage to catch Will Toledo having a guitar freak out. Will is a little strange, and perhaps pushing the product with a gasmask in pictures isn’t the best idea he has ever had. Four years later, Will adds electronic beats and sound effective electronics to his indie rock and the effects are quite good but no more – B

Invisible People – Chicano Batman – they dub themselves psych soul, and while it is ear catching it is a little too jammy for its own good – C+

What’s New, Tomboy? – Damien Jurado – folkie, low impact, quiet and boring – C+

Do You Wonder About Me? – Diet Cig – dating duos alt rockers tend to bore, but Diet Cig have a roiling drum sound that anchors them and melodies to burn, if it was louder it would be a shoegaze relative – B+

Dark Lane Demo Tapes – Drake – is this it for Drake? Has he hit his Apex and is he now plateauing? The numbers here are not what you might hope for from the biggest pop star in the world. “Toosie Slide” started with a bang and then petered, beaten out by The Scotts, and the top ten Spotify songs in The US finds him with only three of the top ten songs in the US as of Sunday. Me? I don’t hear the problem, another great album doing for Drill what he did for Grime, and  better than Scorpion for one – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-

Graves Into Gardens (Live) – Elevation Worship – from Elevation Church, and it is business as usual U2 soundalike Jesushead big bang boom though with some better than usual performances and one good song “Rattle!” –  C+

Floatr – Happyness – baroque guitar ambient songs – C+

Here And Now – Kenny Chesney – Kenny Chesney’s first album in two year  opens with a country rocker anthem w“We Do” and the more he rocks the immutable transition of the present day the better he is, just keep away from lachrymose crap “Knowing You”  – B-

Cover Two – Joan As Police Woman – performs her always well handed and well mannered low key versions of stuff like Prince’s “Kiss” and The Strokes “Under Control” – B-

good to know – JoJo – r&b singer songwriter still thinks boys stink – C+

HIGHTIDE – Leven Kali – arty and original r&b vibes, n surprise that Syd is on one track as it has that The Internet soul weird vibe – B-

My Turn (Deluxe) – Lil Baby – I gave it a mixed review last month, but the additional six songs help including “Social Distancing” which brings it right up to the minute – B+

K.I.D.S. – Mac Miller – Although a non fan of the sadly departed Mac Miller, I made a mistake in not seeking out his Soundcloud debut mixtape K.I.D.S. from 2010, now on streaming services, and sounds like the mumble sad song emo rap long before it hit big, this is hugely influential stuff and it is strange to note it is ten years old – B+

Beyond Bulletproof – Mozzy – I ain’t got no friends, just lawyers and paralegals, Mozzy claims on this West Coast banger that uses bulletproof for love, and then tries to spread some – B-

Apparition EP – serpentwithfeet – the best art soul guy in the world with two outstanding songs plus “Psychic” -a contender for song of the week – A-

Boy From Brooklyn – Smoove’L – Brooklyn drill, not bad but a little lifeless – C+

Infinitely Ordinary – The Wrecks – post-punk indie wannabes meet the 1980s, “Fvck Somebody” is worth checking out  – C+



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