Be Here Now: New Albums 11-23-18 – 11-29-18 Reviewed

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The Gift: A Christmas Compilation – 116 – The Christian rap record label feature Lecrae’s crew 116 on this seasonal release, it peaks early and high but derails before they reach the midway point – C+

HOUSES ON THE HILL – 24hrs – MadeInTYO brother is an Atlanta utility player, and this is an autotune ho hum trap album – C+

Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock out! – Art Brut – Their Blood On The Tracks or Rumors, Eddie Argos sounds the same as always, post-punk with speak sing vocals  – B

The Bela Session – Bauhaus – Long lost outtakes from the art Goth bands biggest hit, the simpler the better- B-

206: Act II – Bohnes – Alt rock with an indie bent, worries about life and death, dates a hot Danish  girlfriend – C+

Boosie Blues Cafe – Boosie Badazz – The Louisiana rapper releases a straight up blues album, not bad for what it’s worth – C+

Thank You & Goodnight – Boyzone – The Irish boy band from the 1990s provide a tunefilled farewell that stands as better than the current Take That take on that, “Normal Boy” is a terrific single – B

LOOKING FOR THE MAGIC – Glim Spanky – a psychedelic, swamp, garage maelstrom stradling its 1960s influences but sung in Japanese by leader Remi Matsuo and with cutting arched strings by lead guitarist Hiroki Kamemoto, they are a reverse White Stripes singing in Japanese and fusing the two elements into an original and also dated sound, try “In The Air” – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

This Christmas – Hunter Hayes – If you like Hunter you could do worse… quite how you could do worse I can’t say – C-

The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story – Jaden Smith – Jaden continues his foray into ambient hip hop, all echo and poetry – C+

Smile In The Mystery – John Mark McMillan – Dreadful rootsy CCM – C-

A Lovely Life to Live – Jools Holland, Marc Almond – The Goth soft cell meets the TV star and former Squeeze for an album of jazzed up, quite painful songs. Including “Tainted Love” and three about how they love London. Worst moment? “London You Were My Lover,” worst song name “Dirk Bogarde And Me (Take Tea)”  – C-

Josh White & Josh Garrels – Josh White, Josh Garrels – Josh Garrels (try his 2011 Love & War & The Sea In Between) is the best Christian identified songwriter since LeCrae and he brings out the best in Telecast leader and pastor Josh White. This EP is a beautiful Americana take on faith – B

Glockoma – Key Glock – What do you expect from a rapper who names himself after an automatic rifle? Ice cold gangsta shit – C+

Freak Yourself Out – Lake Street Dive – If LSD has peaked so be it, but this EP is as good as anything they’ve ever done – B+

One + One – EP – Moss Kena – Blue eyed soul snoozer – C

The Countdown – Richard Lloyd – The Television also ran maintains his new wave credentials on this guitar album – C+

Phoenix (Deluxe) – Rita Ora – Includes some awful songs, the multi girl “Girls” for one, but also includes an Avicii track, which reminds you how delicate Avicii’s sensibility can be. The rest is somewhere in the middle, albeit with more winners than losers – B

Near to the Heart: Cherished Hymns & Songs of Inspiration – Tiffany Coburn – Since hymns are vastly superior to songs of worship. “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” is much better than the vast majority here… prize for the simple but it says it: “Jesus”  – C

Just Give Me Jesus – Unspoken – Country Jesus -touch down – D+

True Stories, A Film By David Byrne: The Complete Soundtrack – Various Artists – The original album only had eleven songs, so this 23 track reboot starts making sense, and some of the songs, “Cocktail Desperado” by Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band, your number is called, are worth saving.. so if you liked the original to start with – C+



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