Be Here Now: New Albums 1-4-19 – 1-10-18 Reviewed

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Although single are not quite up to speed, they aren’t below speed by that much: by my reckoning they are at half mast, 25 singles worthy reviewing rather than the usual 50. But albums are still quiet as a mouse and will remain so till January 18th at the earliest.

With that in mind, here is what’s left…

Dermot Kennedy – Dermot Kennedy – What do you get when you add soul to folk and import it from Ireland? Boring Americana but very felt – C

Slaves of the Shadow Realm – Legion Of The Damned – The difference between this Dutch death metal and most death metal, is not the roiling riffarama thrash  but the lead singer, Maurice Swinkels, sings bowels of hell with a lilt to his voice – B

Paper Crowns EP – Lost Kings – This years Chainsmokers are house beats plus pop strokes (plus rappers as necessary), “Don’t Kill My High” is quite good – B

War in My Pen – MIKE – Somewhere between experimental at mimble, but more to do with sound variants than jazz complexity, and while the London-New York native is down with grime and trap, none of the above is in effect, it sounds like Earl Sweatshirt without the jazz breaks – B+

Prehysteria – T-Rextasy – Indie rockers with that all female vibe, it seems to allow bands to be fore more fluid sexual, or at least confused as per “Girl, Friend” (punchline? “IDK”). Everything here is tuneful, bright, clever and fun and this sophomore effort by the New York indie women is a great way to start the new year – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – b+


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