Bar Angeles Will Leave Elliott Smith’s Figure 8 Mural Intact

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Do you remember all these articles pretending Elliott Smith’s memorial, the Figure 8 wall on Sunset boulevard, will be ‘cut away for new bar’. Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork and other music medias reported about the new bar restaurant, Bar Angeles, which will open behind the famous mural, and the original source of this rumor was LA Eater, which alarmed all the fans by writing: ‘One major missing piece is the front window, which will etch itself into a square slice of the current Elliott Smith mural, right next to Dinosaur Coffee. The bar is in name and many other ways a nod to the musician himself, and the removed portion of the mural will actually be brought inside and kept on the far wall for all to see, while the exterior of the building gets a light refresh as well.’

Everyone got very confused and upset, and fans were already seeing the memorial defaced and cut into many pieces.

Back in August, I already had a conversation with Wade McElroy, who is opening Bar Angeles with his partner Russell Malixi, and he had assured me the wall would stay intact. But after all this new wave of articles, I decided to contact him again, pointing to the LA Eater article and asking: ‘Is this article totally misinformed?’

‘Yes as I definitely mentioned during our previous conversation we are replacing the old door and putting in some windows/storefront on the east side of the mural’, wrote Wade. ‘We need some light in the room and a connection to the pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. We are leaving the west side intact, the part that was on the Figure 8 album cover and that people like to take pictures in front of.’

So people should be completely reassured, the mural will stay intact, exactly as it appears on the cover of Elliott Smith’s album, and the restaurant will probably open late January, a few months behind the original announced date (November). As a matter of fact, the picture above was taken a few days ago, and as you can see, nothing has changed on this side.




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