Bar Angeles To Open This Fall At Elliott Smith’s Memorial Wall

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Elliott Smith’s memorial wall, 4330 Sunset Boulevard


The mural on Sunset Boulevard, next to the electronics repair shop Solutions, has been a sacred place for fans of Elliott Smith since his death. The wall was featured on the cover of his last album Figure 8, and the black-and-red-stripe design is a sort of Elliott Smith signature, whereas the place itself has been a shrine, a memorial to the late singer-songwriter, where fans have left thousands of candles, flowers, notes and other presents. It went through a lot, got defaced with ugly tags, got repainted many times and tagged again. Recently, it was in good shape, but when the news of a restaurant opening at the site broke up, fans freaked out. Will they demolish the wall?

There’s already the new Dinosaur Coffee next to the wall, and a few months ago, several blogs reported about a restaurant called Bar Angeles, opening soon in the neighborhood. I took this picture above a few days ago, which it shows it was certainly not a rumor. According to LA Eater, the duo behind Downtown’s Horse Thief BBQ, Wade McElroy and Russell Malixi, are planning to open a restaurant at 4330 Sunset Blvd late fall.

However, fans should be completely reassured, these guys are not going to destroy the memorial, in fact they absolutely intent on maintaining the overall integrity of the mural — even the name they picked, Bar Angeles, is a homage to Elliott. However one part of the article in LA Eater, had started to bring some concerns, as it says that they ‘will be working with the building’s owner to open up some small portions of the street frontage during construction of the restaurant’

Opening(s) in the wall? I reached out to Wade McElroy, and he was nice enough to answer this: ‘We are Elliott Smith fans too btw; we chose the name of the place after the song ‘Angeles’…. ‘And fyi our plan is to leave the wall mostly intact, especially the part that appears on the cover of Figure 8. We think most of the fans will be pleased. They’ll also now have a place to grab a beer!’

I am in contact with him and we should talk a bit more in the near future. Bar Angeles should be a 60-seat easygoing eatery ‘mostly by way of communal tables, and offering full booze in the evenings’. Let’s hope the transformation goes smoothly.


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