Band To Band Connects Every Rock ‘N’ Roll Band/Artist With Any Other One

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This cool website is trying to connect every rock ‘n’ band with another one. Band to Band works like the six-degree separation of music, although it may sometimes take more than 6 steps to connect band A to band B?

Let’s see, it is very simple, you enter 2 names on the 2 boxes on the right, as it could be the names of bands, albums or artists, and the algorithm is going to find a path to connect the two, with the smallest amount of steps.

It doesn’t take much to connect the 2 biggest rock bands ever, as both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are linked to The Dirty Mac, a band with just one release and consisting of Keith Richards and John Lennon (along with John Mitchell and Eric Clapton).

If you want to connect the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen, it will take one more step, as Richard Starkey played on a Ringo Starr album, Volume 2 · Live From Montreux, which also features Nils Lofgren, a musician who played on Bruce Springsteen’ MTV Plugged concert album.

You get the idea, musicians are all connected one way or another but don’t try to enter some non-rock ‘n’ roll nomenclature, as Beyonce or Ariana Grande will not return anything, yep, it seems to be only rock, blues, punk, country… Who would have thought? There are only 8 steps between Bad Brains and Willie Nelson, and exactly 5 steps between Morrissey and Black Flag…  The average number of steps between two names is 7.8 while King Crimson and Guns ‘N’ Roses are among the most central bands ever, so try your own, this is quite a vast pool with 30,081 bands and 74,099 artists in the system, and a total of 68,277 albums…It’s a big family and a work in progress.


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