Balance And Composure Cover The Smith, And Jesus Weeps

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Allot of people find it comforting to have classics covered by 'new bands'.  Its fun to hear a punk band belt out a Michael Jackson tune or some other contradiction of sound.  Allot of bands lately do this, go to any punk show and some band is going to rip into "Call Me Maybe" or "Party In The USA".  Its awesome.

Balance and Composure are a phenomenal band.  I don't think I have ever used the word phenomenal in all my time writing here-but they are.  They have a clean sound with unique peaks and valleys.  I would rate them as one of my top 10 finds within the past couple years.  This being said…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

First the video- I have never seen more awkward discomfort as shown here.  The head bob and holding the neck are as appropriate as a 4 year old holding their crotch crying they have to pee.  OK, so lets just say this was done off the cuff.. a parking lot tune.  OK that's cool- so then shouldn't there be some lighthearted interaction?  This is so strained its painful.

Next the tune "Bigmouth' didn't strike hard enough.  I know I hold The Smiths and more so Morrissey to Holy standards but WHATTHEHELL with the lyrics.  Puberty is located two doors down on the left.  The strained brow and dramatic facial expression just add to the hilarity.  This being said.. the guitar works are AWESOME.  So here you have it.  Jon Simmons, please…no.  I appreciate the Neutral Milk Hotel tattoo, I love your Balance stuff, but son……best leave this one to the big boys.  Have a brave.


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