BAD SEED TEEVEE, The 24-Hour Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds YouTube Channel

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BAD SEED TEEVEE, The 24Hour Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds YouTube Channel


During the longest isolation that we have ever endured so far, during this 9-month (and counting) deprivation, artists do whatever they can to stay connected to their fans. Many of them have opted for live streams from their living rooms, with more or less success, other ones have set up occasional ticketed online events in a deserted theater, but let’s be honest, nothing truly works. We are all missing the human interaction, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I am grateful for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for having launched this uninterrupted BAD SEED TEEVEE on YouTube, which you can watch all day and all night long. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s 24-hour Nick Cave, Bad Seeds, Grinderman, Birthday Party, with clips of concerts, official videos, rare tracks, film soundtracks, interviews, old and new footages, basically everything you will ever want to know about the history and the world of this great band and beyond. Every time I have connected to it, I haven’t seen the same videos, which demonstrates how vast the material is. I have no idea how many clips are in rotation, but who has the luxury to stay connected to YouTube for hours? Most of the time, I have to do violence to myself and turn it off, otherwise, nothing would be ever done in my house…

Actually, too much of it cannot be good, the concert clips made me miss the fantastic energy of a live performance in the middle of a crowded venue, something we will not be able to experience for a while.

As for human interaction, BAD SEED TEEVE has a chat room attached to the channel where fans can interact with each other 24-hour, and, surprise… Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and some Bad Seeds have shown up unannounced, hanging out there with the fans, … People from all over the world stop there and a few days ago, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and ex-Bad Seeds Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey were chatting with everybody, for a special ‘Murder Ballads’ session.

It was a love fest, ‘Miss you all,’ wrote Nick, followed by many ‘Hellos’ in every language, and the chat room exploded with an avalanche of love, hearts, and other cute emojis. ‘Thank you for being here today, it’s unbelievable,’ wrote a fan. Fans were excited to be in the same chat room as their favorite musicians at a moment when no one can be in the same physical room. People’s emotion was palpable.

There were a few answered questions ‘Are you and Warren planning for some soundtrack shows in Europe in the future?’… ‘no soundtrack shows but we have better things planned’…  and plenty of jokes were exchanged: ‘Yes the Bad Seeds are reforming with ALL the original members… I just haven’t told anyone yet’. As questions fused, the chat room stream was impossible to follow, but Nick called everyone ‘my dear culties,’ fully aware of the situation.

He also said he now owns the Fazioli piano (the one he played during his last online concert, ‘Idiot Prayer,’ and during the duo with Kylie Minogue, ‘Wild Rose,’ he said Kylie had been invited but ‘maybe she is here, but just afraid of all you lunatics.’ His novel ‘The Death of Bunny Munro’ could be turned into a TV series with Sean Penn (a fan’s suggestion), and my favorite joke was: ‘Warren’s beard is a form of lockdown.’

Check out some of the screenshots below.


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