If You Wanna Sing Out…?

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I like to sing this song. I’ve liked singing it for 18 years now. It’s in my perfect range and the tempo is somehow irresistible. As long as no one can see me emoting like a 15-year-old who just got dumped by her boyfriend, I will continue to sing this song

Killer Queen: Queen At MSG, Take Two

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They launched straight into “Now I’m Here” and it was rocking. Adam’s voice and energy were excellent, everything I’d hoped they would be. “Stone Cold Crazy” and “Another One Bites the Dust” had the crowd going, having fun, Adam’s vocals in good form. Yeah, he’s not Freddie, but I was okay with that (for now).

Fear the Earworm

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I had this one bit from the Lumineers’ cover of “This Must Be the Place,” a song I really liked, go through my head over and over for WEEKS, until I was ready to take an electric drill to my skull. After that, I couldn’t hear that song without gagging a little. Chekhov, with that nasty larvae-thing in his ear, probably didn’t feel much worse.

"Violet" At The Roundabout Theatre Reviewed

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The score of Violet (music by Jeanne Tesori, book and lyrics by Brian Crawley) melds bluegrass, country, Memphis blues, and rousing gospel. The set design by David Zinn features the look of a mid-century rustic bus station, all in blues. The orchestra is onstage throughout the show

Leaping And Hopping

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I walked on the beach at Waikiki (it was a decent beach back then) and sang “Moonshadow,” literally leaping and hopping. It’s a deceptively simple tune, with instant appeal to a child

Broken Bells Funds Asteroid Project

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Have committed proceeds from their upcoming tour to a project designed to protect the Earth from asteroids. The B612 Foundation’s Sentinel Project will receive a dollar from each ticket sold for the band’s US west coast tour.

The Legacy of Kodaly Music Education

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Understanding of rhythm develops through the use of movement activities and singing games. Melodic and harmonic understanding develops through the use of solfege syllables (do, re, mi…), interval training, and hand signs

March is Music in Our Schools Month

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March has been designated Music in Our Schools Month in the US since 1985. With the looming threat of budget cuts hanging over music in public schools, the event is a vital way to focus attention on the need for and benefits of quality music education for all children.

The Music of True Detective

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Music Supervisor T Bone Burnett has crafted selections to punctuate the storylines to perfection. Including Lucinda Williams, John Lee Hooker, Steve Earle, and Johnny Horton, but also unexpected shots of indie rock, metal, psych rock, and rap

Meet Run River North: Korean Rock Not K-Pop

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“I feel there’s no one we can truly compare ourselves to because there isn’t another six-person Korean American rock band out there. We can’t be called ‘the next-anything’ because there isn’t something [like us] that came before.”

World's Largest Record Tops the Fabulous Forum

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The Forum in Los Angeles is truly an historic sports venue, home to the Lakers back in their multi-championship years. It also hosted innumerable concerts, though frankly it wasn’t a very good place to see a show. The sound system left a lot to be desired, as I remember well from seeing Elton John there in the early ’80s.

Farewell, Treme

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But the true main character of Treme, as realized and vibrant as any other, was the music. It infused every part of the show, from passing shots of buskers on the corners to the biggest names on the stages of Bourbon Street

Another Look At Disney's "Frozen"

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There is no question in my mind that this will be adapted for Broadway, which was, no doubt, Disney’s plan all along. Even the choice of composers, the Tony-winning couple Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who wrote Book of Mormon, lends itself to such an adaptation

New Wave Artists As Time Goes By

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Most of the artists have put away the heavy makeup and Aqua Net of the 80s and let their more natural selves shine through (though not all: Martha Davis, Marc Almond, Anabella Lwin, Chrissie Hynde, Peter Murphy, and Siouxie Sioux are still sporting plenty of eyeliner).