The Cure Played Their First Three Albums Live On Stage Im Australia On Tuesday

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Ah, oui. A headline is as good as an article on an unread post. And I think the title kinda speaks for itself here but in case you want some clarification and can't be bothered going to Spin… Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds and Faith were the three albums in question, Robert Smith nearly screwed em up a coupla times. The encore was all B-Sides including (ta dah) "Let's Go To Bed, "Killing Another" (kinda pathetic that, right?) and "Jumping Someone Else's Train". I haven't seen the Cure, the review is excellent, written by Nicholas Foncesca and can be read …

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Format Wars

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music lovers will have to die before a generation of people who HAVE NEVER EVER PAID FOR MUSIC, ARRIVES.